5 Ways To Have A Longer Lasting Relationship – Part 2


3. Go Out Of Your Way


But this is just way too much

This is very important.  Sometimes you are going to have to do something that seems completely outright batty.  Say for example she wants to order a pizza while you two spend an evening in watching movies.  But she wants you to pick the pizza up at the place near her apartment even though your place has a pizza joint right down the street.  Under no circumstances should you start griping about how much of a pain it’s going to be to drive that extra couple of miles.  Just do it.  Women love it when you do stuff that makes no sense to you but you do it because THEY asked you to.

Same goes for romantic showings of affection.  If it means like you’re going to have to eat your lunch cold at work that day to go and pick up a little something to give her when you get home, do it.  It’s worth eating a cold burger for the smile that says “Oh my God, you really do care”.  Women go batty for this sort of thing and will think of this when the time comes for them to return the favor.


Fuck me…

Relationships sometimes work on an unspoken points system.  You build up enough points and you get a treat.  Just like a puppy but that’s beside the point.  The main thing here to realize is that if you want somebody to do something down the road, going out of your way never fails to impress.

Like I said above, it never hurts a relationship if you take an extra twenty minutes to get home or over to her place if the end result is you giving her some little token that you know she will enjoy.

4. Make Sure To Spend Time Together

spendingtime You should spend 24/7 together

When I say spend time together, I’m not talking about the two of you merely occupying the same space at the same time.  I’m talking about the type of time together where it practically mirrors locking yourselves in a bank vault for the weekend.  If the two of you are embroiled in a conversation and you stop to glance over at your Ipod charger because you have an incoming Twitter message or something of the like; you’re not really spending time with the person.

They’re kind of just background noise in the symphony that is your life. I’m talking about honest to God, no bullshit time together.  If you’ve been with somebody awhile, it doesn’t mean that you are have learned everything about them.  Hell, you’ve likely just barely scratched the surface.

Go out of your way to set specific portions of time where everything is switched off and it’s just the two of you.  Maybe it’s one of those evenings where the two of you decide to go bowling and for the next hour or so indiscriminately toss the ball down the lane not giving a crap about whether you throw several gutter balls in a row or not. Not necessarily talking about planning spending time around a specific activity.

spendingtime2As long as we fuck?

The most perfect scenario is one where the two of you become so embroiled in each other’s company that you are completely oblivious to the world around you.  You’re not paying attention to the television or that weird looking guy in the next booth or something like that. At some point while spending time together you will no doubt have a conversation that will bring your relationship to a completely different level.  Maybe she’ll confess some great fear to you that she’s never told anyone about before.

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If you’re planning on spending time together, defer to her and what she wants to do first.  Your idea of spending time together might be talking about how your respective work days went while a boxing match is on in the background, but maybe she just wants to play a game of Monopoly with you.  That way she knows that when you are spending time it’s actually focused time and not time where you have ways of tuning out.

5. Make Specific Romantic Quotas

romancequota1 This is romance

Romance is the key to a healthy, long term relationship.  If you don’t have it, the whole damn system will collapse.  People stay together for long periods of time and want to spend every minute they can with each other because they feel that they have found the person they consider to be their soul mate.  They don’t want to spend every minute with their soul buddy. This doesn’t mean that you have to have sex every single day of the week.

If that’s entirely possible, good for you and what the heck are you standing around reading this for!  Anyway, people get busy and that’s a plain fact of life that’s just horrifically unavoidable.  What you need to do, is realize that and schedule things accordingly.  Just like you would schedule a trip to the doctor instead of hoping one shows up when you’re sick; you have to set aside times for each other. What this entails, is a minor amount of planning and some flexibility.

romancequotaRomance… lovely isn’t it

If you two both are tired at the end of the day and don’t have the energy to get in bed with each other, it’s totally understandable.  However, making the point of saying at the beginning of the week that Saturday you are going to seal yourselves off from the outside world and spend a romantic evening together is a perfect way to ensure that romance stays in the picture. Think about this, women love it when they feel like guys have gone completely into hyper planning mode.

Some believe that we overthink literally everything we do.  So if you’re one of those guys that’s gone out of the way to light an exact number of candles, your woman is going to be overcome by the thought that you sat and planned out everything including the number of candles. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be every day if it isn’t possible.  But you can’t just say to yourself that we’ll fit in the sex whenever we get the time.  Because things that you say that about usually never get done.


It’s never too late to right any wrong in a relationship.  If you feel that things might be on the rocks, do something that is completely unexpected.  Pleasant surprises are always a good thing.  Even the tiniest of shows of consideration will give a woman pause and make her think that maybe she should stick with you for the long haul after all.

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