7 Things Guys Do Online After A Breakup – Part 2

7 Things Guys Do Online After A Breakup - Part 2

We Look For Rebound Girls


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  We’ve been told from the time we were old enough to ride a bike that if you fall off or get thrown, you should always try to get back on as soon as humanly possible. When we lose a girlfriend, we also lose a friend and a significant part of our time as well. Where some guys will just want to nail the next girl that looks at him favorably as a sort of “go to hell” to his recent ex, some guys just need a female to vent to. So we’ll go down our Facebook friends list, or even her friends list and start talking up the first woman that will lend an ear. Sure, getting back on the horse this way might be a good way to get over the initial hump. However, psychologically it’s like trying to close a sucking chest wound with a band aid and a dinner napkin. Other than that, if you’re using the rebound girl for an emotional dumping ground, she’s going to think a couple of things. For starters, she’s going to think that all she’s there for is to sit and listen to you jabber on about your ex. Sure, she wants to hear you talk about a woman; but that woman better be her. Secondly, you spend too much time talking about your ex-girlfriend to the new girl you’re with, and she’s going to question your seriousness to what may be a budding relationship. In her mind, she’s going to be wondering would you have even given her the time of day if you were still with your ex. The best that one can hope for in a situation like this is talk to women after a breakup. If you find yourself talking to her and your ex doesn’t even come to mind, that might be one to create a joint Facebook page with.

We Stalk The Ex


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  Now, maybe stalking might not be the best term to describe what is happening here. Let me put it another way. Following a breakup, guys often like to keep a close eye peeled on what your exes are doing. So we do stuff like comment on status updates and wall posts on a regular basis. We share links that they posted and we send them little hi and hello messages. We have this burning need to know what they are up to so we keep looking all the time. With shit like Facebook and other social media sites, it’s not all that hard to feed that desire. We feel each and every turn of the knife as it pierces deeper into our hearts as we see guy after guy coming out of the woodwork to say hello to her since she set her status back to single. What guys need to do in this situation is completely distance themselves from every possible means of communication. Block her page, delete anything that has to do with her. This will work. You want to know why? It’s the same reason that rehabs are as successful as they are getting people off of shit like heroin. It’s because they try to make themselves a place devoid of heroin! You put yourself in an environment where you can constantly keep seeing what this girl is up to, than it’s no different than a junkie trying to kick the habit while living in a poppy field. Besides, you monitor or participate in her online activity too much and she’ll start having bad memories of you instead of what good ones she has.

Flirting Openly On Social Media


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  Not only do we start talking to other girls as I noted in the point about rebound girls, but we go out of our damn way to flirt with chicks. A girl that you would normally just say hi and hello to gets upgraded to a hey beautiful. Part of the problem is that we seem to do that every chick we are talking to. All that says is that we’re trolling for the next piece of ass. What’s worse is that we do it where our ex can see it. Chances are, if you’re openly flirting with a girl on Facebook you still haven’t taken your ex off of your friends list. And you don’t bother to do it privately, you go the extra bitter route of making the flirting a public wall post that your ex can see. Grow a sack man! She doesn’t want to be with you anymore! Nobody wins by acting like an immature bastard. Often times, the best thing to do when you are talking to a new girl online is to act the same way that you would have had your ex never even existed. That way you are giving this new girl you are talking to the attention she deserves instead of making her a cog in the machine you are building to make your ex feel guilty.

Mental Comfort Food


  We watch action movies, we play video games and we do stuff that’s generally considered guy stuff. The reasons is, online in some regards offers up a great deal of anonymity. When you’re shooting the crap out of somebody in some multiplayer first person shooter, you don’t really know that the person you just killed was actually some teen in his mom’s basement. All you know is that it was an obstacle in your way. This kind of mental comfort food is actually a good way of releasing your frustrations believe it or not. The chances that you are going to run into the same person online are slim to none. Sure, the feeling of sadness may still be there the second you turn off your gaming console at the end of the night. At least that time was spent not thinking about how unbearably sad you are at that moment.


We do a lot of shit online after a breakup, and a lot of it is out of spite. The best advice I could give would be to simply take the breakup on the chin, get right back up and act as if nothing happened. After all, it’s not like she’s going to sit there wallowing in misery.

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