10 Steps For Getting From Hello To The Bedroom – Part 1

10 Steps For Getting From Hello To The Bedroom - Part 1

Unless you’re counting one night stands where a guy and a girl essentially just nod to each other and five minutes later they’re having sex; getting with a girl is a lot more involved than some people think.

However, it’s not something that really requires the same amount of instructions one would need for setting up a home theater system. It’s really a simple procedure if you follow the steps correctly. In the effort of public service, I now offer a ten step guide on how to get from hello to the bedroom.



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hello 1
The most important concept when it comes to approaching women is how you feel inside. Fact is, women today are extremely sensitive to any lines that sound canned or corny. In other words, their bullshit detectors are on high alert when anyone new comes into the field.

The way to meet women is to just simply go over and start a conversation. While it’s not a good idea to come over to a lady and start firing off a machine gun of compliments; it’s perfectly alright to say hello and then bring up how you like her shoes and go on a completely different line in the conversation.

They key of course, is to do something normal. Most women have these secret fantasies about running into their Prince Charming at the grocery store or walking out of Planet Fitness. Women have this instant resistance to guys that they can see are trying too hard to be slick. So don’t do it!
So what’s the key to being calm and normal? It’s all about confidence and poise. As long as you’re not acting like a stalker and carry yourself in the right way, you won’t get walked away from in this crucial first stage.

Getting Her Number


hello 2
The key to this part of the guide is to learn how to be interesting and funny. Always try to have something interesting to say that will get you from hello to a more lengthy conversation. The next part is a bit tricky, but can be done easily if you can do it with finesse.

You have to know exactly what you are going to say and how you plan on saying it. If you ask a girl if she has an email address, which everyone does; hand them a pen and a piece of paper. Make it a grocery receipt or something so it doesn’t look like you were prepared like some star crossed autograph seeker. Then, when they are in the middle of writing the address out tell them to go ahead and write down their number too.

If you plan the whole thing out in your head a few time this will come across as very natural and something you do casually to everyone you meet.

The Date Request


hello 3
When you are talking to a woman about meeting for lunch or coffee or something, it’s very important to say that you want to get to know her and that she would make a good friend. The psychology behind this is astounding. Ever since their teens, some women feel like every guy that’s ever said hello to them is doing it just because they want to get in their pants.

It’s hard at first for them to wrap the notion that a guy just wants to get to know them as a friend around their heads. Crosses their wiring up a little bit. It also makes them step back and wonder to themselves if you are really attracted to them. This works in your favor because it subconsciously makes the woman more interested in you by the fact that you are acting almost aloof at the idea that the two of you may never get past friend stage.

The Date


hello 4
First dates can literally be anything. It could be something as simple as coffee, or a walk in the park or whatever comes to mind. More important than the location of the date, you have to look like potential mating material. Which means you have to have your hygiene down proper.

Most first dates I’ve been on usually happen in the evening. This is by design, even if I haven’t got a single thing to do that day before a date. This is so I can take a shower at least two or three times during the day. You take a good long one at first early in the afternoon then follow it up with quick rinses as the time to go out approaches.

When it comes to cologne, wear something light. Find something that smells good and not just something that smells. A strong cologne might as well be a wet fart if it is applied too strongly. You have to make a good impression because it’s one thing to not look your best when you run into her the first time. But when a girl knows you’ve had time to prepare and you show up looking like a hobo; she’s going to think you’re an asshole just for the amount of prep that she put into things.

And don’t try too hard. I know it’s a tough concept to grasp, but try to act almost indifferent to any sexual activity ever happening. Exude confidence.

Holding Hands


hello 5
Personally, I think it’s a good idea to hold hands with a girl for a decent amount of time before leaning in for that first kiss. This conveys a great amount of trust. The interesting thing about this is that hand holding indicates to a guy that the girl wants to have sex while the girl is thinking what a nice guy you are.

One thing you might want to read up on a little bit is palmistry, as it leads to touching her hands. If you can come up with anything in the conversation that leads to her accepting the fact that she is going to have her hand held by you, then you’re well on your way. If you start doing a palm reading, even if you have no real idea what the hell you are doing and then go right back to just holding her hand it’s going to send the girl through the roof. It conveys a great deal of smoothness on your part.

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