10 Steps For Getting From Hello To The Bedroom – Part 2

10 Steps For Getting From Hello To The Bedroom - Part 2




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If you have been talking to a girl and you want to know if she’s ready to be kissed, try this out. Reach over and touch her hair while the two of you are talking and make a comment about it. Throw in a compliment about how soft her hair is and just touch the tips of it. Don’t run your hand through her hair, just graze the tips of it.

Now, if she smiles and looks like she likes what she’s hearing, try reaching back and running your fingers through her hair again while carrying on a casual conversation with her. If she looks like she is still enjoying this, then you’re cleared to come in with a kiss.

This might sound really simple, but women like to have the idea that they are in control of the situation. One thing that I like to do when I get to this point with the woman is to lean in like I am about to kiss her and then very quietly continue what I was saying. If the woman wants to kiss you, she will stop you dead in your tracks and bridge that couple of inches of space in between your lips. You’ve pushed her headfirst into the kiss, with the woman thinking that it was her idea the whole time.

Being Alone


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Very important business here. If a woman trusts you and feels safe with you than she will be alright with the idea of being alone with you. The truly important thing in this step is to not seem eager for anything. One thing that I like to do is have a woman meet me in front of my building to go somewhere down the street for coffee. Then when we are done, come back to where we started. I’ll look at my watch and remark on the time and then say to her that she can come in but just for a minute.
This works great, because it makes it look like she talked me into it. Remember what I said about making the woman think it was her idea.

Making Out


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Once you’re inside one of your respective abodes, the next step is to work her up into making out. Here’s what you do.

You start off by doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. I know it sounds strange but go with me on this. For the first ten or fifteen minutes just sit and talk. Actually, it’s usually best to almost lean away from her. This subconsciously sends a message to the woman saying that you’re not solely interested in going in for the kill. After the time has passed and you’ve had a couple of good laughs between the two of you, lean in and give her another kiss.

Now, whisper in her ear very softly about how good she smells. Then start to rub her shoulders. If you can rub a woman’s shoulders for ten minutes or so without leaning in for a kiss, it will completely mess with her wiring. If you take the time to give notice to the other good things about her body instead of just leaning in for a kiss, it will get her turned onto the point where she is practically begging you to touch her.

Clothes Off


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A lot of women are self-conscious about the way they look undressed. If you can overcome this obstacle of hers, you will be knee deep in sex before you know it.

Compliments work extremely well. Tell her how sexy she is. Don’t go into some long drawn out bullshit story, just be up front and tell her what you really think. Be undressed yourself, but not completely. Remember, the woman wants to feel like she is in control of the situation.



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Sometimes guys will ask me what to do once they get a girl back to their place. I always ask them a couple of standard questions. Most of the time they usually answer no to these questions and I suddenly become aware of why they are coming to me for advice.Editor's Note: A Controversial New Video Is Showing Thousands Of Guys Around The World How To Get Laid On Facebook. Click Here To Learn 3 Facebook Seduction Tactics You Can Use TONIGHT.

The key with women is, they want to know you’ve got your shit together. So before you go out, make sure you have all the things you might need if this date escalates to sex. Make sure you got a couple of condoms handy. Not a big box like you’re expecting women lining up around the block for your ass. For god’s sake, make your damn bad. Nothing turns a woman off more than some messy bastard. Makes them think they’re going to have to be mothering you by telling you to make your bed like you’re seven.
That being said, if everything is in place; the woman will let you know she’s ready. Doesn’t matter that you are; she’s known it for a while at this point.


A lot of this is plain common sense. If you don’t go out of your way to completely screw things up for yourself, you can get from that first meeting to the two of you eating a carton of ice cream with the same spoon wondering where the hell your clothes are in no time.

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