5 Adult Dating Site Mistakes (That You’re Probably Making Right Now) – Part 1


If the facts are true, then about a fifth of every relationship starts online.  Think about that for a moment.  Every couple that you see walking down the street, twenty percent of them met through some online means.   Whether it be a Facebook situation or a traditional online dating site, people are flocking to the internet in droves.  The pressure is off for a lot of people.  You can make your profile, cast your net and see whatever swims by.  But there’s several ways that things can blow up in your face like a giant box of firecrackers.  Here’s some common mistakes guys make when making trying their luck out on an online dating site.

1. You Signed Up For The Free Account

onlinedatingfail12Maybe you can get away with it

A great many of the major online dating sites, and I’m not so sure this isn’t a legal requirement; allow you to sign up for free accounts.  This means that you can have and do everything up to a point that the paying customers have.  What does this mean for you as someone looking for female companionship?  Well, for starters it means that your communication on the site is severely restricted.  You might even not be able to send messages at all to anyone that sees your profile.  Hell, your profile’s ability to be seen may be limited to your first name and where you are from in some cases.

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So it might be a good idea to pony up the few bucks a month for the paid membership.  It may not be any easier, but it won’t make it any harder to find someone.  At the very least, you may have that little thing pop up in the corner of your profile that says premium member.  That will say to a woman that you’re trying to contact that you’ll at least put a few bucks out to meet someone.  If you go the free account route, somebody may misinterpret that as you are cheap and that you will be cheap with her as well.

onlinedatingfail11Don’t be like this

2. Not Cross Checking Her Photos

onlinedatingfail4Digital trickery

This thing about the online pictures is about as old as the internet itself.  Some woman posts a photo online and through the use of some kind of digital trickery or Hollywood special effects she has transformed this picture of herself into a completely different person.  On rare occasions, the photo may not even be the same person that you’re going out to meet.  There’s a simple solution to this, cross checking the photo.

You don’t have to run the picture through a spy computer to make sure that the photo on the profile is the person you are actually talking to.  Do a web search specifically on the picture.  You might see it pop up in more than one place.  The last thing you want is to show up to the date to find the two version of the ten picture.  Once you’ve set the date and showed up at the agreed upon location, you could unleash a hailstorm of verbal barbs towards you if you don’t make sure the person is who she was presenting herself is.  So try to find people who have pictures on their site that aren’t more than six months old.

onlinedatingfail3At least this one’s honest

How do you do a search specifically on the profile? Go to: images.google.com and upload that image using the little camera icon beside the “search” button and within a few seconds Google will tell you if that image has been appearing on other sites. Look at the screenshot below:

onlinedatingfail9Then click on it and you’ll see this:

onlinedatingfail10Use this to filter out fakes


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