5 Adult Dating Site Mistakes (That You’re Probably Making Right Now) – Part 2


3. Not Making Sure You’re Talking To A Real Person

onlinedatingfail5You’re talking to a pussy!

Like all business, dating sites have bills to take care of and wages to pay their employees.  Face it, you’re there for them to make money.  They really couldn’t give a damn about you finding love.  They really want that twenty bucks a month(if you’re lucky) and for you to stay on the site long enough to generate ad revenue.

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So something that may have happened to you is that you have been exchanging messages is, gasp now, not a real person at all.  You know that canned sounding response when you use tech support online?  That’s probably the same computer.  You may have had it happen to you and not know it that all of the responses you’ve gotten may have been auto generated to fit particular key words you have typed in your message.  It sucks and you can’t exactly ask the site to remove the profile for being fake, ten others will just pop up in their place.  Remember, this is a business not a soup kitchen.

onlinedatingfail13Or you’re talking to a freak

You’ve got to make sure that you are talking to a real person.  How to do it?  Well for starters you have to get really specific about certain things.  Not stuff like her address or anything like that, just simple common knowledge that everyone would know.  When you send a message, say something like how you can’t believe you found a loaf of bread for half price at the store.  How much is the bread you buy at your store?  If they can’t come up with a correct answer, or hell even a wrong answer; it’s a fake.  You can use this same trick on politicians by the way.  But anyhow, asking targeted innocent questions is one way to make sure that the person you are talking to isn’t a figment of some IT guy’s imagination.

4. Over-Communicating

onlinedatingfail6Would your dating profile do this to women?

In a great deal of cases on dating sites, a high amount of stress is put upon the importance of the proper natural progression of communication.  A lot of the time, you’ll be actually given a limit on how many times you can communicate with a person until a certain amount of time has passed.  Once that amount of time has passed the site likely thinks that you two have figured out that you want to keep talking so they will open the floodgates in terms of when and where you can speak to each other to set up dates, discuss favorite things and whatnot.  Now what happens when floodgates are usually opened?  Things tend to get swept away.

It’s right for some women to think that a guy that’s trying to get ahold of them is clingy and/or a stalker.  There are some guys out there that go on sites and instantly believe that just because a woman is talking to them that the two are embroiled in a passionate love affair and have open access to each other all the time.  Ask any married couple and the two will say that even they, who have dedicated themselves to the principle of spending the rest of their lives together will take time every so often to just leave each other the hell alone.

onlinedatingfail2This says it all

This is something you might need to put into practice.  If you notice that there is a sudden and sharp drop off of a woman speaking to you to the point where it seems like she is ignoring you, it’s probably because you’re just talking too damned much.  Go back and look at your message log between the last couple of women you’ve conversed with and see how many times you’ve messaged her as opposed to how many times she’s messaged you.

Trying to get ahold of somebody too many times, especially if they are terribly busy will do nothing but upset them and think you’ve got something going on with your grey matter.  So try to follow a two to one rule.  No more than two messages sent from you for every potential reply.  Go over that and you run the risk of losing a shot at a good woman just because she mistakenly thinks you’re a stalker.  Besides, when you do finally get ahold of them you can drop a little bit of “I messaged you twice, I was getting worried”.  That will score you a great deal of the this guy cares points.

5. Aggressively Lying On Your Own Page

onlinedatingfail7Is that you too?

Nobody likes a liar, and people hate liars even more when said lying may stand on the ground of affecting them personally.  Women have been conditioned in some respects through TV movies that there are a lot of lying bastard men out there that they really don’t know about.  Which should give you all the more reason to be as up front as humanly possible with a woman you are talking to online.

That’s not to say to give your address and bank numbers to a woman you’ve only messaged back and forth with a couple of times.  But basic honesty about yourself is key. Make sure you present yourself in the BEST WAY possibile, without lying about it.  For example, the act of aggressively lying about a hobby will make a woman mad from the very beginning because when it comes down to it they will be thinking what the hell else you are lying about.

Also, if you’re watching internet porno everyday, it’s not a good idea to be that honest in your profile about. Remember, make sure you put up FEMALE FRIENDLY information. Jerking off to YouPorn isn’t that attractive to women. Being honest for honesty’s sake will not win you any points. Being honest in a way that puts your best foot forward is what I’m talking about.

This isn’t 1997 anymore, and chances are you have more than one portal online where somebody can gain access to information about you.  Aside from that dating site, you’ve probably got a Facebook, a Twitter and quite possibly a million other ways people can find out about you.

onlinedatingfail8What’s online/adult dating like to you?

So if you’ve gone and said on a dating site to a girl that you like singing in public; you had better make sure that every other access point to a bio of you online has something about you liking singing.  Or at the very least it not say how much you hate it.  Because you are going to run into a hell of a lot of trouble when this woman, and she will, starts looking for you on Facebook and you are going off on a rant about how much you think singing absolutely sucks.

And don’t be that guy that posts pictures of himself in front of other people’s cars acting like they are yours just because you think it’s a cool picture.  You’re going to pull up to the girl’s apartment or your designated meeting place and she’s going to wonder where the BMW is.  You’re only going to be able to say it’s in the shop for so long.

I guess the main point here is don’t lie.  If you are committed to it, make sure you can be consistent with it.  Don’t have conflicting information about yourself out there otherwise the woman is going to eventually find out and think she’s going to be at the bottom of a lake if she goes out with you all because you thought it was going to make you look cool that you lied about something you enjoyed.


It’s not that hard to find a match like they say in the commercials.  That is, if you know how to manipulate the playing field.  You may have to put up a few dollars and you may have to ask a ridiculous sounding question or two but if you do things right, you will find the woman you are looking for.  All you have to do is use some common sense and remember to be sure of what you want while you are out there looking.  Good luck to you!

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