5 Dirty Talking Tips To Get Her Going (For Single & Coupled Guys Alike) – Part 1


We’ve all fallen into this trap before.  You’re with the woman; you’ve got everything laid out all romantic like.  Somewhere, you’ve managed to secure a whole bucket of rose petals so you can unsatisfyingly grind on top of her with.

But your woman throws a curveball at you and makes it sound like she wants something a little bit kinkier than the kind of lovemaking you see in romantic comedies.  We’re not talking about chaining people to the wall and beating them with telephone poles, but a little bit of verbal kinkiness.  Or if you’re a single guy it could be your texting or calling a girl on the phone and wanting to move it to the next level.

But how the hell do you do it?   I mean, most of us can’t give an improvised two minute speech at work.  We need to prepare for days and days.  If you think that a fear of public speaking, magnify that by a hundred.  That’s the feeling that a great deal of you probably experience when your woman even says the words talk and dirty in the same sentence when you’re less than fully dressed.

You were planning on diving right in with your normal set of moves, and now you have to improvise like your part of a stage play and somebody forgot their lines.  But don’t worry, there’s ways around this.  We’ll help sort it out for you so the next time your woman says something about talking dirty you can shoot her to the moon.

1. Let The Girl Control The Subject Matter

dirtytalk5Yup, you suck

Lesson number one; let her control the subject matter of the conversation.  If you are going to start with something, start off with something basic.  If it’s a story she can visualize in her head, have her come up with the basics.  Under no circumstances interject any other people into this tale of fiction unless she comes up with it herself.

Nothing says flannel pajamas and oatmeal at two in the morning to a woman like you bringing one of her friends into the mix.  Even if you’re pretend screwing her in this little work of fiction, she will take it as a sign that you really do want to have sex with her.  You’re lucky your penis is still attached to your body without stitches.

dirtytalk1You really suck

So unless she busts out a tale directly about her and all of her friends getting ganbanged by you, don’t bring it up.  Just stick to the trail of breadcrumbs that she is no doubt going to be leaving for you.  If she does want to her about how she’s sitting in the corner playing with herself while she’s watching you screw her friend, she’ll probably tell you to tell her about it.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

 2.Watch The Tone

dirtytalk4This totally works

Lesson number two, you’re probably starting out way too strong.  Think of it this way, would a comedian that people have paid a hundred dollars to see start out with the routine that’s getting the most press?  Hell no!  They will let the whole act build to a crescendo over time until the audience pops like the second coming of Jesus when they finally say their little catchphrase.  Same principle applies here.

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You don’t start talking immediately about pounding and headboards rattling right away.  You have to start small and slowly build on what you are doing.  Because if you start right away with the headboards and pounding, where the heck do you plan on going with it once things start really getting hot.  You’ll run out of things to say and start repeating yourself.   Don’t say the punch line before you’ve finished with the joke.

dirtytalk8And we line up to pay!

Start out small and work your way to the big climax so to speak.  If your story involves the two of you getting it on in an airplane lavatory, chances are her being turned upside down to accommodate for space is not going to be the first step in the story.  Tell the story in the order it’s supposed to be.  Don’t tell her that the butler did it before we know what the hell is going on first.

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