5 Dirty Talking Tips To Get Her Going (For Single & Coupled Guys Alike) – Part 2


3.Don’t Go Overboard

dirtytalk3Dirty talking master

There are some women that when they get talked dirty to, want you to say and call them the foulest possible things imaginable.  However, there are some that will chop your head off the second you call them a bitch.  Even while they are hooked up to the sex swing with the car battery clamped right to their nipples.

dirtytalk10Me too!

Do not under any circumstances get too vulgar or say the key no no words we all know women will reach for a mallet to hit you over the head with unless they initiate the use of the word first.  We all know that the hell they are and they don’t bear repeating, because some of you men will get hit with the surprise mallet strike for even reading some of these words.

The key word in the whole scenario is dirty.  Talking dirty.  Despite what some of you may believe, talking dirty is worlds apart from talking vulgar.  Using the comedian example again, there are some whose act is dirty.  It also happens to be very hysterical.  There are some that are as vulgar as anything you can imagine.  They also happen to be terrible comics.

Woman don’t want you busting out a string of F-Bombs and C-Bombs, they want you to get creative.  Saying fuck is the kind of lunatic thing that rappers do when they can’t figure out a word to say and have to work in the proper number of syllables to get the song to flow.  So what you need to do is have kind of a general idea of what you are going to say and if you paid any kind of attention in school, you’ll know at least two or three substitute words for what would normally get you fined for saying it on television.

 4. Cater To Her Fantasies

dirtytalk2Cater to her fantasies, even if you’re a stalker

There are some instances with a woman there you may know her better than she knows herself.  She may have put information out to you in some way to talk dirty to her that sends her over the edge.  Every man and woman has got a sexual fantasy that they may have never told anyone about.  If they have it’s through subtle hints, be they public or private.

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If you manage to get halfway through the game and get over to her place a couple of times, by the second or third time you might have a good working knowledge about what some of her hidden interests in.  She may have an odd thing for firemen for example.

In the back of her mind, in the places of her psyche that she doesn’t tell anyone about except for a theme calendar on the wall; she has this fantasy that she’s in a burning building and a lone fireman swoops in from out of nowhere and saves her.  Then after she is carried to safety, he takes her and leaves her ravaged to the point where she needs oxygen.

dirtytalk9Cater to HER fantasies, not yours

It may not necessarily be getting done hard by a fireman that’s her ultimate fantasy that could never happen in a million years; but there’s always something.  Every woman has got that one thing.  You find out what it is and you exploit it to your advantage.  A woman will always be receptive to your attempt at talking dirty if you find out what fantasy she has and you go at it with that particular thing in mind.  Hell, I know some woman that are turned on by clowns.  It’s weird, but it’s not my place to say.  Everyone has that thing that gets them going.

If you take her ultimate, can never happen fantasy and use it to introduce dirty talking into the picture it will give you a better chance of success.  So if it seems like she has an almost lustful interest in something make sure to take note of it and capitalize.  She’ll be a hell of a lot more receptive than if you try to use a carbon copy dirty talking scenario or even worse, plug one of your fantasies in.  The idea that the woman’s wants and needs are being catered to is half the fantasy for them anyway.

5. Find Out If She Wants To Do It

dirtytalk7She wants to cut your dick off with her vagina

You may have found out all of her secret fantasies.  The location of the skeletons have been discovered and now you know where all the bodies are buried.  However, although she may want to get down with you and screw you like there’s no tomorrow; that may be all she want to do.

Some women, in a great deal of circumstances; tend to gauge what they do in the bedroom entirely on their mood at that exact second.  One time they might be ready for you to whisper some of the nastiest things in her ear that you can imagine.  Sometimes she might just want you to shut up and plow her.

It may be a case of she just feels like she doesn’t need to be talked dirty to at that second.  Something extremely important to remember is that you’re getting to have sex with her.  Which of course implies that whether or not you’re having sex is entirely up to her.  It’s all her decision no matter how big of a stud we think we are guys.  She’s the one in control of it.

dirtytalk6Don’t ruin it

Nothing, and this comes from personal experience will screw a good night of sex up than a guy that gets the signal that the all clear for dirty talk signal has not been given and he continues.  Women, like I said earlier go on mood.  A snowflake falling the wrong way on a windowsill outside will put a woman out of the mood to have sex with you.

What the hell do you think is going to happen if you keep talking?  Yep, right back to the flannel pajamas.  You may even be told to get dressed and get the hell out of her apartment.  So if you’re getting anything remotely resembling a signal that she doesn’t want to talk dirty, just don’t.  It’s just safer for you.  Besides, she will let you know by starting up with the talk herself.


Women love a guy that can get down and dirty every now again.  It’s also a very easy thing to screw up.  Talking dirty can almost be like walking through a minefield with a woman.  But if you follow some simple rules you can get through it with ease.  Just be creative, don’t say anything stupid and your woman will be left salivating and begging to hear more.

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