5 Keys To Scoring With Latina Women

Amigos, we all know that there are some of you out there that go for a particular type of woman. Some of you go for the athletic type, some for the geeky chick that frequents the comic book store. There’s one kind that for some reason seems to be extremely mysterious when it comes to picking them up. The Latina.

Now, Latinas are not all that different from the women you have been going after. Perhaps you are looking for a change of pace and want to give one a shot. Don’t go into battle unprepared. There are key factors that you have to remember when going after sexy Latin chicks, starting with…

Learn A Bit Of Their Language


latin 1


Not that it should surprise you, but the majority of Latina women speak Spanish. Others of that particular persuasion speak Portuguese. If you’re going to try and wow a woman over with your cursory knowledge of her native tongue before you give her cursory knowledge of yours, make sure you’re speaking the right language. You’d be surprised how many times guys have been going good with a woman and completely lost the plot by not realizing that not all women with roots to Latin American countries speak Spanish.

At any rate, there’s no better woman getter in the world than learning a few words in her native language. Little bit of advice, if she’s Brazilian she probably speaks Portuguese. Moving on, part of the reason why it seems that most people that primarily speak English have trouble picking up Latinas is because they are simply too lazy to learn another language. We’re not saying that you have to go and buy the entire platinum edition of Rosetta Stone and become fluent, just learn a few key phrases.

Don’t make them some cheesy pickup line shit either. Make it something that she would casually hear from someone in her everyday life. You do that and the woman will become instantly keyed in to you. The reason is that women of all walks of life and nationalities want the assurance that the guy that is talking to them isn’t just going after them for their bodies. That may be the case, but you have to give them that illusion. You learn anything about a woman’s life, it doesn’t matter if it’s marine biology, and she will immediately take an interest in you.

The other plus side to this is for if the two of you get past the hi and hello stage of things and get more into a dating situation. She’s going to look at the few bits of her native language that you do know and start teaching you other words and phrases. Women of any land love a project, why not show her some building blocks she can work with?

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Display Confidence And Leadership


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The concept of machismo is very alive in just about every Latin American culture and tends to range in overall amplification throughout each particular country. Generally speaking, men in Latin American countries are expected to be the ones that bring home the bacon. They are the ones that when someone is acting a fool to their lady make no bones about the fact that they will make them bloody at the drop of a hat. They’re supposed to take charge of everything and lead interactions. This applies to being in a group setting but also in face to face interactions. In Latin American countries, you will almost never see a man looking at a woman waiting for her to put her ten bucks in to cover the drinks. The guys will also be the ones that say where to go on a particular evening.

This premise is so ingrained in the culture that if you aren’t the type of guy that’s comfortable doing this, a Latina will look at you as being weak. When I first starting testing the waters with Latinas a few years ago, I had the curse of being used to asking the woman what restaurant she wanted to go to. Each time she would look at me with a puzzled expression and then tell me that I’m the guy and I should be deciding. All women want to be impressed by you in some respect. If you can’t impress this woman by making a hard and fast decision on where to eat, how’s this inability going to translate when the shit hits the fan on something else. What if someone calls her a bitch? Are you going to confront this guy without question or are you going to ask her what you think you should do?

Latinas generally want a guy that can protect her and get shit done when things start getting rough. So when you are trying to get in good with one of these women, do not be afraid to be the guy that takes charge. If a situation that arises from the result of you taking charge and making a bad decision, take responsibility for it and figure out what to do on your own.

Learn A Few Dance Moves


latin 3


It’s a common stereotype that all Latin women know how to dance. Not necessarily true, but it is one of the biggest aspects of the culture of most Latin American countries. Latinas, dancing and music almost go hand in hand with each other no matter what country the woman originates from.

Even if you only know the basics of the way Latin Americans dance, if you happen to be a simple American this will garner you a shitload of brownie points with the girl. Remember, women love projects. You show any knowledge of anything and they will look at it as a basis from which to build upon.

Besides, Latin dances will allow you to get up close and touching even if you barely know the girl’s name yet. Most of the dances involve a lot of hand clasping and light embraces that let you get up close and personal with the girl. In addition to the point you are going to get for knowing how to dance to begin with, taking a girl out to Latin dance clubs is always a great starter with one of these women. If you happen to be traveling in a Latin American country as plain old Johnny USA your chances of getting with a woman are practically guaranteed.

It is due to the fact that face it, they see Americans that truly know how to dance about as often as they see a flaming unicorn. You even know the most basic of dance moves and they will know there’s something a bit different about you and will want to dive deeper into the mystery that is you.

Show Financial Stability


latin 4


When it comes to getting with Latinas there’s one key factor that absolutely must not be overlooked. That would happen to be your financial stability. Now, your typical American woman will give you shit about your financial instability but will try to work with you on it. Latinas will toss you out a damn window.

It’s not because they are snobbish in any way. It is because financial instability is a hard fact of life in most Latin American countries. It’s an area of the world that that has one of the highest income disparities in the world. To put it another way, there’s a handful of rich people, a shitload of poor people and not a lot in between. A select few hold most of the wealth and everyone gets by on the crumbs that are left.

Because of this, Latinas that grew up in their homeland will have either directly experienced these limitations on money personally or have family who has. Their money problems weren’t limited to not being able to get the best seats at a concert, they were not having enough money to buy simple shit like food and electricity.

That being said, Latinas will value a man’s stability economically lot more than your average woman in the west. You’re not going to see too many Latinas living in some trailer park in Missouri. This doesn’t mean that you have to go five star on her every time the two of you go out either. All you have to prove is that you can handle your finances. For example, if you’re in good with a Latina and you would rather stay in and watch a movie; it better be because you would rather have the comforts of home and not because you can’t afford the movie tickets. Simple little chinks in the armor of your financial stability will make a woman of this persuasion wonder if you’re going to have trouble paying the gas bill next month.

One last piece of advice in this vein that’s tied into a previous point, if a Latina offers to pay for something; you better say no at least four or five times before you let her do it. She’s testing to see how quickly you basically admit you can’t afford to.

Know That Looks DO Count


latin 5


It’s practically a publishable fact that Latinas are very superficial in some ways that can make you or break you when it comes to getting with them. Looks are one of those areas. They are also the same when it comes to other women in the fact that they like guys that are muscular and in shape. If you happen to be tall, the better for you. Being taller sort of signifies that you can see a potential threat coming from further away and can protect her easier.

One factor that you cannot control is race. The sad truth of it is that good looking Caucasians tend to have a better advantage when it comes to getting Latinas than any other. The reasoning dates back hundreds of years.

Ever since the Europeans colonized Latin America hundreds of years ago, the ruling class and the wealthy have been of Caucasian European descent. To this very day, if you go to the poor parts of Latin American cities, you won’t see a Caucasian for miles. Go over to the rich part of town, and you are bound to see rich Caucasians everywhere.

Latinas will be attracted to you because of this. It has nothing to do with color or race. It actually has a great deal to do with the financial stability I talked about earlier. Latinas simply don’t want nothing to do with anything that reminds them of being poor. It’s the same way war veterans don’t like to talk about the war. Stirs up bad memories.

But I should point out that you should never walk up to a Latina like you’re wearing god damn rags. Don’t dress like a buffoon. You don’t have to wear a three piece suit, just dress like you have your shit together.

In Conclusion…


When it comes to picking up Latinas, the rules you have to work by are slightly different. However, if you play by this new set you will have no problem dancing long into the night with the Latina queen you have been searching for.

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