5 Reasons Ugly Chicks Are Awesome (& Help You Get Laid) – Part 1

5-Reasons-Ugly-Chicks-Are-Awesome-(&-Help-You-Get-Laid)---Part-1Let’s face it, for some of us it’s a lot harder to get with a woman than one would have you imagine.  Sadly, watching countless hours of porn and some mainstream motion pictures make us think that all we have to do is walk up to a girl, say howdy and we’re already halfway to having sex.  Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.  And neither are the women.  Also despite what you would believe, women aren’t ready to jump all over us as quickly as one would think.

This has nothing to do with movies or entertainment.  A great deal of it has to do with the way we communicate.  When we meet a girl, most of the time she can already see a poorly written autobiography in our Facebook posts alone.  So you may have to resort to other means of battle to accomplish your mission.

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I’m talking about conversing with the ugly friend.  Sure, you may be getting looks and stares from your friends at the party now.  Imagine for a moment the looks and stares that you will be getting after hooking up with her excessively hot friend post this conversation.  There’s a few reasons why you should be a hell of a lot nicer to the ugly chick than you may have thought.

 1.They Are Secretly Teachers

uglychicks10See, you learned something

One area where the movies are correct when it comes to the ugly women that surround us is that they are almost Yoda like in their area of the loving arts.  Whether it be from reading trashy romance novels in their spare time or being regaled with stories of lovemaking escapades from their much more fortunate looking friends; they’ve heard it all.

Let me put it this way.  In every major professional organized sport in the civilized world, the team is made up of players and coaches.  You might have a player in soccer for example that is the best goalie that’s ever lived.  He’s flashy, everyone wants his autograph and he’s got a lineup of people wanting his attention at every turn.  However, he can’t teach somebody how to be a goalie for crap.  In other words, he’s a shitty coach.

uglychicks5They teach you logic is useless

Most of your uglier women aren’t like that.  They are great coaches.  Mostly through osmosis because they either may have secretly had practice over the years with guys that are too embarrassed to admit that they bedded down with them or simply manipulated things their prettier counterparts have done in bed and figured out how to use to their advantage.

They may not be the star quarterback on the team, but they can tell you the ins and outs of every move in the playbook.  So despite what you think, they will be able to rock your world and will gladly tell you to know end the intricate details of that little swirly thing that they just did to you that damn near sent you into a coma.  That way you can keep that move in your pocket for a rainy day.

2. They Will Advertise Your Ability

uglychicks6I just had to put this here because it was funny

Fact is, some women that are of the comelier persuasion tend to bring their ugly friend along with them at social gatherings.  Whether it’s to just plain get their asses out of the house or if it’s to make them seem prettier by comparison; there are ugly women all around you and you don’t even notice it.  Mostly because you are looking at her hot friend.

Perhaps it is because you aren’t even looking in their direction because you are so sex crazed into thinking you are going to get with the perfect ten.  Sometimes, a good two will always work.  Besides, when they are having coffee with their much better looking friends down the road, they will eventually compare partners and your desperate ass will come up.

uglychicks9Sometimes ugly women do this though

The ugly woman will put you over like nobody’s business because she was so happy to see you.  It’s like if you give a person that is dying of thirst a glass of water.  They will talk about how great tasting the water was and how wonderful even the goddamn glass that they drank it out of.  They will sell you up to their much better looking friends like an infomercial pitchman trying to get someone television at three in the morning to buy a set of steak knives.

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