5 Reasons Ugly Chicks Are Awesome (& Help You Get Laid) – Part 2


3.They Are Always Ready To Go

uglychicks1This one is taking off her panties already

One of the reasons for this is that if you strike out with the perfect ten, the two is always there to clean up at the end of the night.  Face it, if you’re out at a party of a club, at some point you will be the guy that none of the women decided to come home with.  You will be deemed the ugly one on this occasion and you will suddenly realize that when the chickens come home to roost; they pick the shit out of your self-esteem.  Without realizing it, you will slowly gravitate towards the section of the party or club that damn near has an “Ugly Seating Only” sign next to it.

uglychicks3Good advice young sir

Remember, ugly women are experienced in the art of love even though they may not get as much practice as you think.  They’ve gone over and visualized the moment when someone will actually sit down and speak to them that they can almost talk about it to you moment for moment as if it’s actually happened.  They will sit down and talk to you, which is the big starting point of any romantic interlude.  Mostly because they are just happy as a hog in shit that anyone is talking to them in the first place.

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Think of it this way, they are like a minor league baseball team.  Sure, you don’t get all of the flashy television lights and the acclaim isn’t as present as it would be in the big leagues.  But they get your ass on the field don’t they.  Ironically, the woman in this scenario almost looks upon you in pity.

4.They Put You At Ease

uglychicks4I don’t know about you, but I’m at ease looking at her face

Try and think really hard to the most recent time you were at a gathering with what could generously be described as a mixed group of women when it comes to the looks department.  In all likelihood you may have sat at the bar completely gobsmacked as what move to make to ensure that you went home with somebody at the end of the night.

So you look around the room and you are surrounded by beautiful women and some that in other circumstances you might want to put a paper sack over their heads.  Don’t get out the grocery bag yet guys.  What you might want to do is take a look around again.

uglychicks2Makes me feel less self conscious

Let me guess, the women of unfortunate appearance are probably sitting at the table fumbling around with their drink while their much prettier friends are surrounded by a harem of guys that are ready to take them home and show them the time of their life.  Now, you can’t compete with that and you’re going to be sitting there all night thinking about how you can never get the girl that you’re looking for.

Don’t think that way.  For all you know, that girl that may have a bit of an appearance issue may end up being the girl that takes you to the moon and back.  That’s the bonus of attempting to chat it up with one of the girls that doesn’t have a line out the door.  Think back to when you were younger and you were playing your favorite video game.  You would keep getting beat over and over.  Did you say the hell with it and throw the game out?  No, you didn’t!

Ugly women are the dating world’s version of easy difficulty in a video game.  Sure, you may not have the reward that comes with going after a higher obstacle than the friend next to her, but you do get the reward that comes with knowing you were able to talk to her long enough to possibly have her go home with you at the end of the night.  Some of us really only care that we beat the game and not how easy it was for us to win.

5. They Are As Excited As You Are

uglychicks8This one is about to get laid

Guys are attention whores just as much as some women are.  Despite our best efforts to keep the appearance of aloofness and generally not giving a crap; we become downtrodden depressed children when women don’t pay attention to us.  We go home at the end of the night after an entire evening of trying to get a set of digits from a beautiful woman cursing her because she didn’t pay attention to us.

Women that aren’t as blessed in the looks department feel the same way.  They have parts to themselves that they know and feel in their soul are beautiful.  You could never get more than two or three people to agree with them on this, but it’s a fact.  So the same way you feel when somebody actually pays attention to you, that’s how one of these women feel.

You want to hear compliments about everything from your hair to your eyes to even that ratty looking car you drove to the party in?  Start talking to that ugly chick.  They are so happy that you have started talking to them that they will go into hyper drive talking you up.  Hell, say you don’t end up with this chick at the end of the night.  You go home feeling upset at the fact you may have not gotten laid.  Make sure to give her your phone number just as easily as you would the beauty queen.

uglychicks7And this was also funny, so I had to put it here

Because this woman is so over the moon that you talked to her, and it probably happens so rarely; you might even be in for a freebie when it comes to the actual date itself.  This ugly woman might have not gotten any herself in so long that she will damn near pay for everything on the date just to get somebody’s company.  Anybody’s.

They are so damned excited they feel like they won the lottery.  Because they know the playbook and have all the skills, they are just as happy to get to use them.


I guess the whole point would be, ugly women are kind of like your neighborhood policeman.  You sure as hell talk a lot of crap when they aren’t within earshot, but you’re damn near on your knees thanking God for their existence when they come to arrest the burglar that broke into your house.

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