5 Reasons Why Hot Women Are EVIL (& Mess With Your Head) – Part 2

5-Reasons-Why-Hot-Women-Are-EVIL-(&-Mess-With-Your-Head)---Part-23. They Make You Waste Money

Hot women make you waste money, whether it’s something small, like buying a drink for them at the bar, or something large, like buying them a house. Think about all those rich, morbidly obese men with super hot wives or girlfriends. Do you really think they’re with them for their sparkling personalities?

He’s got a great sense of humorHe’s got a great sense of humor!

Hot women can spend money like water. Whatever you do, be careful when you first start going out with a woman if you get her a present or gift. Remember that whatever you do, you are setting a precedent. The precedent might be, “Hey, I’m going to get you a bracelet for every monthly anniversary of our first date.” Unless you are the guy in the picture above (and are dating the girl in the picture above) this might not be a precedent you want to set.

The same is true around the holidays; be aware what type of gift you buy a girl you are seeing the first time there is a holiday that you are together. You can expect to buy her a gift of equal or greater value for all significant dates that you are together going forward.

Yes, hot women may drive us crazy, but in the end, the world is a better place because they’re in it J  Just don’t forget that when you’re talking to a hot woman, she does not necessarily have any interest in you; hot women will make you forget what you are saying and seem dumb if you are not on top of your game; and hot women spend money like water. If you remember these three things, you will be able to have a better understanding of hot women and the way that they are messing with your mind.

Daphne-Joy-Hot-Asian-Fit-GirlTaking a break from saving baby otters.

4. They Make You Impatient

hot-asian-girl1 Are you getting impatient?

Guys were more likely to accept crappy mortgage terms if a loan ad featured a beautiful woman. Men also opted for a smaller, short-term payout as opposed to more cash down the road after looking at sexy ladies. By stoking the reward centers of your brain, hot women cause you to discount the future and focus on immediate gratification.

It’s reasons like this that just about every possible product that can be consumed by a living breathing adult male, or adolescent for that matter will feature some kind of attractive woman.  Think about this for a moment..how many ads have you seen recently selling beer on television where the waitress in the commercial was ugly as sin?  Very few huh?

Now, translate this principle into a real life scenario.  You’ve got this very attractive woman standing in front of you.  You’ve been talking to her for what seems like an interminable amount of time and she has been regaling you with for the purposes of our discussion I am going to refer to as “hot chick problems”.  Hot Chick Problems are the types of things that women of this persuasion think of as nuclear level catastophies but for the average looking or even modestly attractive woman would look at one of these woman funny about.

sara-jean-underwood1I’ll be ready in 5 minutes

Chances are it’s probably some inane garbage about how her last boyfriend got her the three thousand dollar purse and not the five thousand dollar one.  You know, the things that can be the difference between life and death.  My point here is you’re sitting and listening to this woman discuss her hot chick problems and despite her attractiveness you’re suddenly realizing that the risks may not be as even as the benefits.

You may run screaming in some rare cases towards a woman.  Any woman, hell a woman with some serious bad times going on with her nose or some unexplainable bump on her face.  Sometimes hot women inadvertently use their powers of attractiveness to help the more unfortunate looking of their gender by making you all fidgety with how completely droll their conversation is and run to the next woman you see.

Look at it this way.  Remember when you were in the supermarket with your mom as a kid and you wanted a candy bar the whole time you were shopping, and your mom you said that you could get one when you checked out?  Then when you got to the counter they had all those candy bars next to it, but none of the ones you really wanted.  But in your mind you were thinking, “God dammit, I’m leaving here with a candy bar”.  It’s the exact same principle.

5. They Use You As Placeholders

Dannie-Rei-Hot-Asian-Crotch-ShotYou like my necklace?

Maybe you’ve been in a relationship for a while and you notice that her eye is starting to wander. She’s starting more fights with you or not bothering to fight at all anymore. Her friends get quiet when you walk into a room. She’s avoiding your phone calls. Her things are disappearing from your place.

If she’s a decent person, she’ll just get it over with and dump you already, but if she’s cruel, she’ll hold on to you for a while until somebody new comes along. Some women don’t like to be alone, so instead of putting you out of your misery and ending it, they’ll string you along until she meets someone to replace you. If she’s really heartless, she’ll start things up with him before she’s finalized the breakup with you.

Hot chicks tend to have the ability to do this quite a bit and exercise the use of men as placeholders a lot more than some guys would like to believe.  Yes, we think that for the most part we are the hottest guys in your general area; but the woman has actual evidence to back it up.  Our asses are just operating on a belief.  Some women know that for the time being they can find anyone they want.  Hot women at times treat men like those little disposable cameras at drug stores.  When we have outlived our usefulness to them, do they cry that we’re out of film?  Hell no!  They just go and get a different camera.

Emily-Scott-Hot-Booty-PicIt got sunny, so I got wet

If you’re with a woman that you noticed from the first time you laid eyes on her that she was unequivocally the hottest woman in the room; make certain that you know her personality matches the exterior.  Otherwise you might find yourself to be one of these guys that she’s holding onto until she can find somebody that she really considers to be her equal.

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There’s no shame in being had by one of these women.  It’s probably happened to more guys than you with just the one hot chick walking around.  It’s like when you go on a month to month plan for a subscription service instead of paying up for the whole year.  They are going to keep you on for the time being until something slightly nicer comes along.  Because they have the power to, and there’s not much one can really do to stop it.  Remember this, if you think you might be a placeholder then she’s probably got two or three guys in mind to replace you once she dumps you or when the time comes that you just completely give up.


Some women of unexplainable hotness have the ability to mess with you without even realizing they are.  You can’t fault those women, they don’t know their own strength in that regard.  But be on the lookout for any of the points I’ve outlined.  If you’ve found that any of these things might be happening to you, take a deep breath and realize that she’s just a person like you.

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