5 Reasons Why Learning Dating From TV Sucks – Part 1

5-Reasons-Why-Learning-Dating-From-TV-Sucks---Part-1Guys, the belief that we learned all we need to know about dating from our friends and from our own experiences is complete garbage.  I hate to be the one to break it to everyone, but we learned most of our grand ideas about dating the same damned way we learned just about every other thing we learned in life.

More so today than at any other time in recorded history we are coming up with our grand ideas about dating through popular media.  In this case, I’m talking about movies and television shows.  Most of the time, make that nearly all the damn time they won’t for us.

1. Most Of Them Don’t Apply To Regular Guys

badadvice3And some of the advice just totally rocks!

It’s a simple rule, if it’s too good to be true it probably is.  As it stands, all of the great dating ideas that you have learned from movies and television will never work for you.  You have to actually come up with the stuff on their own.  Because most of them don’t apply to you or me.  They don’t apply to the guy at the coffee shop or the guys at your place of employment.

They all apply to some kind of superman that by the way has the assistance of Hollywood writers coming up with everything to say in accompaniment with the great and wonderful dating tips.  Sure, the great idea that you saw from a movie may work in theory, but in practice it is the words that follow the idea that you have to rely on.  Most of us never actually think of this.


They are normally given by single lonely women like this one

So if you’re a bricklayer or a guy working in the It department of your company, don’t try doing something that you know is going to be too far beyond belief.  Because, a humble bricklayer is just not going to be able to pull off the same thing that Brad Pitt is going to be able to in his next film.  Which I heard is great by the way.  But back to what I was saying.  They are put into play under the best of circumstances, probably after forty or fifty takes to get it just right.

2. They Never Really Work In Practice


At least this is true

Look at some of the great date ideas in movies and things done by celebrities.  Celebrities and movie characters are renting helicopters and baseball stadiums out by the truckload.  Most of you probably don’t have the cash on hand to rent out one of Richard Branson’s jets to take a woman out on a date.

Remember, the guys coming up with this shit are paid tidy sums of money to come up with the idea that the average guy can rent an expensive piece of machinery.  Don’t go too out of this world guys.

You might have the cash on hand to rent a jet, but she isn’t going to be talking to the jet for an hour and a half during dinner.  She’s going to be talking to you.  If you aren’t as great of a communicator as you thought you were, she’s going to see right through it and just think you’re trying to buy your way into her pants.

badadvice7This guy knows what he’s talking about

While it may seem like a good idea to take all of your money at the end of the week and send the woman on some super trip in a hot air balloon; if you impressed her enough she’s going to want to go out with you again.  If not for your brilliant conversational skills, it will be for the fact that you impressed the hell out of her.

If you bluff the woman into thinking that dropping more money than you could afford on something far too extravagant for your normal means is something you are able to do all the time; she’s going to feel pretty damn put out by the fact that on the second date you took her to a miniature golf course.  So when it comes to planning things, start out small and make things happen exponentially.  That way if enough dates in you do have the money to take her on a hot air balloon ride, she’s going to feel even more special and be more inclined to reward you in return.

3. They Are Figments Of Someone’s Imagination

badadvice5I could of sworn she was 29

The real honest to god reason why getting dating tips from the media is a bad idea is in fact they are ideas.  Someone sat in a room and made it up.  It’s not real!  You’ve like I said before, got rooms full of men and women coming up with ideas for the next big blockbuster.  If you’re looking for dating tips from a comedy by the way, hit yourself on the head with a mallet right now because you are of no practical use to anyone.

The media is all about getting attention.  Nine times out of ten, if you see a dating idea in a movie; chances are it was a bad one that somebody thought up.  A purposefully placed land mine that the character thinks is the best thing since sliced bread but almost always blows up in his face.


Cosmo is just like TV

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Ironically enough, the media is trying to warn you.  Media is consumed by the average person.  The people spreading this stuff out that it could only be reasonably accomplished by the wealthy.  Think of it this way.  How far do you think you could get with an imaginary friend?  That’s exactly how far you’d get using a dating idea you got from the media.

So you’ve just got to be you.  Even if you come up with some idea for a date on your own that is as terrible as one can imagine, at least you thought of it.  A woman even if she didn’t have all that much fun or wished the whole time that you two were somewhere else will at least see that you tried.  You’re not going to get anywhere using somebody else’s ideas.

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