5 Reasons Why Learning Dating From TV Sucks – Part 2


4. You Simply Can’t Pull Them Off

badadvice2Seriously it works!

The fact of the matter is that some dating tips that seemingly work without fail for guys in every movie of television show are simply unable to be pulled off.  Sure, perhaps you might be able to show a girl how much you like her by playing her favorite song on a boombox outside her window like in Say Anything, but that’s about as a far as you’re really ever going to get.  Say for example you see a film where the main male character is trying to impress a girl.  What does he do in our instance?  He rents a hot air balloon and surprises her with a ride amongst the clouds.

Well that’s great, but not every one of us has the dispensable income that a fictional character always seems to have.  Besides, where are you going to find a hot air balloon rental?  Some of the dating tips you think will work well will not just jell with the girl.  How many times have you seen a film where someone gets delivered a thousand heart shaped helium balloons at their work?  You do this in real life and it’s going to backfire because the instant that delivery guy drives off, her boss is going to be on her ass to get everything cleaned up.

badadvice10Dating a dog is like dating a woman, that’s what this movie says!

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That’s not to say that some of these things can’t be attempted.  Sure you can try to apply some of the dating tips that you’ve seen in the media in real life.  They will never, and I can’t stress this enough, never come out the way you envision.  You may think that the balloon ride was a good idea and you might even be able to afford it.  It may turn into a complete nightmare when it turns out she’s afraid of heights or suffers from motion sickness or something like that.  Then you’ll just be known as the jerk that made her vomit out of a basket at two thousand feet.

5. Things Don’t Always Go Right

badadvice8This worked on TV, trust me

In a movie or a television show, unless it’s the main plot vehicle to show that the male character that is trying to win the woman over is a complete screw up from the outset; a guy planning a big date with some elaborate going on will always have things go perfect.  The guy hiding in the bushes will release the caged doves right on time, the singing quartet that have been practicing her favorite song will always hit the right notes.

However, as is with most things in life, nothing ever rarely goes to plan in the dating world.  Those concert tickets that you thought were going to be amazing seats turn out to be in the nosebleed section where you have to rent binoculars and a radio to be able to see and hear the band.

Your dinner reservation will get cancelled and be forced to go through a drive through.  Trust me, there’s no sadder feeling in this world than having a girl that’s all dressed up in her finest going out attire sitting with a wax paper burger wrapper on her lap in the passenger seat of your car.

badadvice11Awesome dating advice I got from TV

The bottom line is, you shouldn’t take any kind of dating tips from the media; especially movies and television.  Just because things don’t go right.  Besides, girls watch just as many movies as we do guys.  They just aren’t as loud about it.

They’ve probably watched the same romantic comedy we got our great big never fail dating plan from.  They’ll be able to see that we really have no damned creativity and will pass us off as being unoriginal.  They want to be impressed by us, and not by our bad impression of something they saw while having coffee in the morning.

If you do find some dating tip that you got from either the internet or television, that’s fine.  But you always have to have a backup plan that is completely original to you.  Just the same way people in movies always have a plan B in case the gunpowder or something doesn’t go off.  Love after all is a battlefield.  The Navy Seals wouldn’t go into a battle without a backup plan in case something goes wrong, so you shouldn’t either.


This isn’t to say that every possible idea you get for dating from a media source is all bad.  There are trained professionals and people with a great deal of higher education that have scientifically picked out what works and doesn’t work.  If you’re looking for a good idea when it comes to the dating scene, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a book of theirs or listen to a program they host.  If everything is smooth sailing for you however; then game on!

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