5 Reasons Why The Women You Date Are Crazy – Part 2


3. Her Drama Addiction Makes You Feel Important

crazy8Cutting off your arm makes her feel important

Once again, we like to be judge and jury on every matter no matter how big or small.  Whether it’s what restaurant to go to for dinner, guys get off really god damned hard off of being the one to make their voices heard the loudest.  We love being the voice of reason to women.

So if she’s got an issue with her mother or that bitch at work she’s always getting into fights with; we’re drawn to her drama like moths to a damn flame.  Why, because we have the subconscious need to solve the problem.

Because eventually, we’re all looking for a mate of some kind.  We all keep down want the girl that we can take home to the folks.  We see her in the light of how she may be batshit crazy now, but if we get to the bottom of some of this mess we might be able to mitigate some of the crazy so she doesn’t fly off the handle at one of our loved ones.


Because that’s the one thing our fathers told us if they ever truly loved us.  At some point in your life you’ve had a loving parent tell you not to bring any whores or crazy bitches home.  Why did dad say that?

Because he made the same mistakes that you are making before he met your mother and it pains him to see you make the same mistakes.  While being her designated problem solver may make you feel important, that power may lose its luster if she starts showing the signs of drama overdose.

4. You’re Not Looking In The Right Places

crazy4Crazy bitches are everywhere… their habitat ranges from shopping malls to fast food restaurants

It’s often said that not many long term relationships are founded meeting random women in clubs.  For the most part it’s true.  Here’s why.

Think about this long and hard for a minute.  You’ve got at least one or two friends that you know whom are currently in long term relationships.  Not like the relationship that lasts for a sports season, but the kind that lasts all the way into the next year’s sports season.  They probably met their women in the right places.

I’m not saying they had to go to church meetings or anything like that, but they probably met their ladies in someplace of relative quiet; like waiting to get their oil changed or a coffee shop.  I cite these because the likelihood of people acting like complete drunken loons in these locations is pretty low.  The chances of you sitting down and having a civil conversation are relatively high.  You can actually get to know a woman better and are able to test out if she’s crazy.

crazy5Even the Chinese haven’t figured this out and they invented paper!

Chances are, you’re looking for your potential mate in an establishment that engages in this distribution of alcohol and other assorted spirits.  Which means that about a hundred times out of a hundred, you’re going to be running into some drunken party girl who doesn’t exactly have what little wits she possesses about her in the first place.

Remember, you’re not going to be having a relationship with the hot drunk chick you ran into at the club; you’re going to be having a relationship with the girl whose makeup is going to be smudged all over her face as you attempt to wake her up to ask if she wants coffee the next morning.

If you’re into crazy chicks, that’s all well and good.  However, the most important thing to remember is that some of them aren’t going to have the same level of crazy that you became so smitten with all the time.  Some of them you may have actually met while they were in a mode of temporary craziness and aren’t going to be able to keep the act up.

Some people that appear as nutjobs on the outside are actually quite plain and reserved the majority of the time.  If after a while you find you aren’t as interested in her as you thought you were, remember this one may not have anything to do with her being crazy.  It may be you suffering from a case of buyer’s remorse.

5. She Can Dish It Out, But Can’t Take It

crazy6This guy knows what he’s talking about

A crazy woman will almost habitually claim that they have a great sense of humor.  It may be because they seem that they will laugh at anything.  For the most part this is actually the case.  However, it’s usually at the expense of somebody that doesn’t happen to be them.

When you and your girl are in the company of good friends she will almost without fail insult you in front of your guys and then when you start to get steamed you glare at her while she asks about your apparent inability to take a joke.  Which of course makes you look like a complete asshole for not being able to take her good natured ribbing in stride.

Oh sure, she will bring up those wonderfully embarrassing times when you’ve tried to be romantic.  She may also bring up a terrible bout of hives that you had after a stressful day at work.  She may even bust out the picture that was taken of you that evening to prove it.  Because she’s very attractive on the outside, the people around the two of you will laugh.


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You, being the complete goon that you are will be lulled into the false sense of how cool your girlfriend seems to be and that you can seemingly joke around with her about practically anything.  Of course, thinking that the jousting match is on you grab her tightly around the waist and probably say something about how much you love putting your arms around her because there’s so much to grab onto.  You’ve just put yourself right into Defcon 3.

Hell hath no fury like a woman who can dish it out but can’t take it.   A crazy woman will have no problem at all removing her shoes and beating you in public, or taking it out on you verbally in front of your friends leaving you with no recourse other than to revert into a cocoon.

A crazy woman knows how far she can take things without her getting left at the club by you and she will use that power to push your buttons just to see if you do snap.   So you’ve got to make sure when you’re with a woman that she can take as equal of a joke as she dishes out.  If she can’t, you’ve got to be extremely clear about what the limits should be on good natured ribbing or people are just going to get pissed off at each other.


I’m not saying to completely shy away from crazy chicks.  The unstable portion of that craziness may erode over time.  In her mind, she’s probably saying I don’t have anyone to impress so the hell with it.  But if you stick with the right one long enough she may just turn out to be an asset rather than a liability.  Remember, it’s not her fault you’re dating a crazy person; it’s yours and yours alone.

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