5 Reasons Why Using Routines/Pickup Lines Work – Part 1

5-Reasons-Why-Using-RoutinesPickup-Lines-Work---Part-1Men for what seems like ages have had the following scenario play out when wanting to talk to a woman a million times.  We’ll be in the club with them, trying to be a good wingman and this attractive woman walks up.

He might go so far as to even adjust a pretend tie that’s not really attached to his shirt.  He’ll invariably tap the girl on the shoulder and ask her some ridiculous question that usually ends in a bad sexual innuendo or pun of some kind.  These are commonly known as pickup lines and despite what pop culture will tell you, using them isn’t as lame as one would think.

 1. They Break The Ice

breakice This works too

Now while it is true that most pickups lines are bordering on the level of cheesiness that would shame most old time comedians, they serve quite the valuable purpose.  Guys for the most part, at least the ones that aren’t brimming with Herculean levels of confidence will sometimes crap their pants at the thought of talking to a woman.  Now why is that?

We’re actually scared beyond our wildest imaginations that we’re going to screw up and say something stupid.  More often than not, a guy walking up to a chick in a bar has probably fumbled around in his head about what to say that by the time he opens his mouth instead of a well thought out, totally serious statement to get the woman’s attention; he’s instead spouting gibberish.  We tend to make complete fools of ourselves half the time when talking to a woman to begin with, why not be up front about it?

breakice1You’d get laid immediately

A pickup line by its very nature is means to be completely cheesy.  Face it, everyone has agreed to it by now.  They are bad puns at very best.  However, although you cannot use a series of pickup lines to win a best comedian award; they at least open the door for you.  If nothing else, a pickup line helps you get past that awkward first few seconds where you make eye contact with the woman and when you open your mouth.

2. They Show You Have A Sense Of Humor

humour1Tell her about your one night stand!

As I said before, pickup lines by their nature are horrible jokes at their worst and really bad puns on their best days.  However, you’ve seen it a million times over in not dating scenarios.  You’ve probably all got at least one guy where you work that comes in every day and spouts off a series of jokes that would probably get him set on fire if he ever tried to use them in comedy clubs.  But, he is the first guy to laugh at your jokes and probably laughs the hardest.  Now what is this unfunny bastard unknowingly telling you?

Even though they may never get a laugh and almost get given a severe eye rolling every time they are said, a pickup line at least says you have a sense of humor.  Trust me, the old saying about getting more flies with honey than vinegar holds true.  Even if the honey has been sitting out for a while and is rancid and the vinegar is freshly made; people would rather try they honey than the vinegar.

humourTell her the story about the one time you were having a bath with a rubber ducky and…

As much as woman would like to say sometimes that they like a guy that is serious, they generally reserve that for the meat of a long term relationship.  They don’t necessarily want a guy that sounds like the county tax collector coming up to them and initiating a conversation.  Because they are out to have fun, they aren’t out to spend the evening to hear somebody that sounds like the adults from a Charlie Brown cartoon.

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This means of course choosing your pickup lines carefully.  Don’t be one of those people that goes online and does a search for pickup lines and use the best one you can find.  Come up with your own.  Sit down and write up about five pickup lines that are yours and nobody else’s. If you can’t, well at least do some basic research online and find the field tested ones that have gotten good results from others.

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