5 Reasons Why You Don’t Get A Second Date – Part 1

5-Reasons-Why-You-Don’t-Get-A-Second-Date---Part-1The one thing that we guys want more than anything after a first date…well, except that; is the eventual signal that you and the woman you just spent a wonderful evening with are going to be going on a second date.

This means several things, she likes you for more than the fact that you just shelled out half a week’s pay on a lobster she only ate about half of.  For those of you that are in this situation, I salute you.  For those of you that haven’t yet gotten the call nor will get the second date call; here may be some of the reasons why.

1.You Picked A Terrible Place For The First One

2nddate2Taking her to a place where she’s going to the be the non hot girl is not a good idea

Unless it was a blind date, you probably had a great deal of time to prepare.  The first date is usually set up a great deal of time in advance, at least a few days.  Which means that you should have been able to gather enough information to be able to impress this woman the first time around that you should have been getting the second date call by now if not already in bed with her.

So what did you do wrong in the planning?  Well, in all likelihood you were letting the lower head do the thinking that the top head should have and not listened to one word about her likes and dislikes.

2nddate3Taking her to a football game is stupid

Although women do like the idea that you took the initiative to plan the date out and take as much pressure as possible off of her; she’s going to recoil in shock if you picked a place that defies all logic.  You’ve got enough information about her to make an informed decision.  You’ve got her Facebook and all her social medial stuff.  Perhaps you should have looked at her interests section and based a plan of attack from there instead of just looking at her pictures and marveling at how attractive she is and hot her friends are.


Perhaps you missed the fact that your date was a vegetarian and didn’t want to go to that fancy steakhouse.  Women are final and extremely decisive with their first impressions, they take crap like this as a sign that you aren’t listening.  And make sure you get a detailed list of the activities she doesn’t like.  You may think it’s a grand evening going to a zombie movie or something, but she will just look at you like an immature bastard.

2.Your Manners Are Horrific

2nddate1Did you try to make a dirty joke in the toilet and fail?

This one boils down to the same stuff our parents taught us as kids.  The real simple please and thank you stuff that can boil down to a romantic interlude down the road.  When on a first date, while all you are watching is her breasts when she’s sitting down and her ass when she is walking away; she is watching everything you say and do.

And I mean EVERYTHING.  Every last little detail.  Like when ordering, something like saying “can I have” as opposed to just saying give me to the waiter will curtail your chances of getting any like nothing else.  And maybe you started talking crap about someone you didn’t know was a good friend of hers.

2nddate7More stupid dirty jokes about the bathroom?

Don’t talk shit about anyone you don’t know that she knows.  And above all, don’t make any jokes about unscrewing the salt shakers or stealing the little packets of sugar.  I can recall a good friend of mine telling me that she thought the date was going well until she came back from the restroom and saw the guy she was with place the sugar packets, holder and all in his pocket.  So, it might be best if you want to get to know someone in a biblical manner to act like you’re in church.

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And lastly on this point, women can tell a lot more than we think about us by the way we tip at a meal.  Chances are, at some point in their lives a woman has had to work at a job that was reliant on tips.  They see you pulling some crap like laying down a three dollar tip for a sixty dollar meal, it may give them flashbacks about some jerk that did that to them when it counted the most.

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