5 Reasons Why You Don’t Get A Second Date – Part 2


3.You Were Too Clingy After The First One

2nddate4You clung onto her like the hair on her nipples

Guys, we’ve all had this happen.  Movies have warned about this kind of crap for decades.  Let me paint the scene.  It’s after the date, you’ve dropped the girl off at home.  You’ve tentatively made verbal agreements towards going on a date later the next week.  Upon arriving at home, you immediately bombard her Facebook and email and begin texting her like your house is on fire.

You spend the next few days literally contacting her in some way every five minutes and almost sounding upset when she doesn’t respond immediately.  She calls you up and makes like some sort of family emergency came up.

2nddate6You are smothering her like the bikini over her boobs

Now what did you do wrong in this situation?  Every single thing after the moment you dropped her off!  Women like the fact that a guy is into them, make no mistake about them.  But there’s a very fine line you guys have gotta walk before you jump over it and you start to look like a stalker from a Lifetime movie.  You’ve gotta give the poor woman a little bit of time to miss you, otherwise instead of thinking how great you are she’s just going to be thinking that you’re a complete pain in the ass.

4.You Rely On A System… TOO Much

2nddate8The seduction system has gotten you so far, but you messed up

There isn’t all that much that makes me want to break down and cry more than when I hear about a guy that uses a specific system when it comes to dating women.  I mean for God’s sake, women aren’t computers.  You can’t just assume that the same operating software is going to work for everybody.

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Now, I’m not saying that having a routine or plan doesn’t work. It totally does, because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. What I am trying to say is this. Systems are designed to be rigid and not have any intangibles.  Which means that they are very linear and cannot by nature be deviated from in any manner.

Unless you were a “natural” and your “natural instincts” showed you how to be smooth, then lucky you. Most guys were not born God’s gift to women. I certainly wasn’t. I relied on systems and routines and techniques for a long time to help me adjust and succeed with women. Otherwise I would be a complete failure. So make sure you understand this.

2nddate9She started sending you these photos, but the system didn’t tell how to respond to sexy selfies

I am not saying you use routines/systems as a crutch. Now I am saying they are going to be powerful TOOLS to help you succeed. If you have had no success in the past, it’s much better to be a bit more “generic” to rely on a few basic things that works for 90% of guys. After a while, you get used to it, you find out who you are, then you change things up and add yourself to the “system”.

At the end of the day, you want women to fall in love with YOU. A good system is designed to present yourself to women in the best way possible. It’s not there to manipulate or trick a girl to falling for someone who you really aren’t. Girls rely on makeup to accentuate their good looks, a smart guy would rely on a good “dating system” to help them present their personality with their best foot forward. Mind you, using these “tools” can only get you so far. I mean, you can’t put lipstick on a bush pig and save it from being ugly. Same thing goes if you’re a dude with a horrible personality, no seduction routine in the world will be able to save you from yourself.

5.You Give Up On Yourself

2nddate10You give up, you’ll never see this

It’s no secret that after a while guys will tend to go into a mode where we just don’t care about anything.  We let ourselves go.  We don’t really care that we’re dressed like a transient or that our car has soda bottles littering the backseat as if we’ve got some sort of hoarding problem.  So we just throw in the towel and say no mas.

That’s probably one of the easiest ways a guy can go down the road to not getting a second date.  Maybe we weren’t sure if we should kiss her on the walk home from the theater.  Maybe we didn’t take her up on the invitation for coffee and a movie in her apartment.  We’re so naturally scared out of our minds that a girl will shy away from us anytime that we make a move that we don’t even bother to make a move.

2nddate5Did you know how many years it took this girl to figure out the exact pose at that angle to look good with that type of makeup?

If you’ve voluntarily taken yourself out of the game and are wondering why you haven’t gotten a second date from a woman you’re interested in; it very well may be your own damn fault and you know it.  Women dig confidence almost as much as they like any other trait, possibly the most.  So what you have to do is overcome that overwhelming desire to just say the hell with it if the first girl that comes along doesn’t say yes to you.  Remember, the best professional baseball players miss about seventy percent of the time.  They don’t just not walk up to the plate when it’s their turn.

Don’t be that guy that goes into the bar or the coffee shop and sits there silently as everyone around you seems to be having a good time.  Talk, within reason mind you, to every person you can.  If the woman you are talking to tells you to go jump in a lake; it merely increases the odds that the next woman you open your mouth to and say hello will say yes.  By attrition alone, you’ve just made it a little bit easier to find a woman that you will be able to get through more than one date with.


There’s plenty of other reasons why you may not have gotten a second date, but these seem to be the big ones that usually get us guys in a shitload of trouble.  If you try to stay away from these three, getting that chance to make a good second impression on her won’t be too far beyond your reach.

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