5 Reasons You’re Failing With Women – Part 1

5-Reasons-You’re-Failing-With-Women---Part-1Men should know full well that when going into the battlefield of love that there are things you should do and should not do.  Alas, a great many of us march onward unaware of the mistakes that could affect us immediately and the ones that could affect us in the future.

Face it, if you’re reading this right now you probably aren’t doing too well with the ladies.  Maybe you had a date where you thought things were going well and they didn’t.  Maybe you’re not getting as many friend requests as you thought you would from the women.  Here are some reasons why this may be the case.

1. You Talk Too Much About Yourself

Second-date-3That’s what she said

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We’re not going to automatically say that the first couple of times you go out with a woman you should do nothing but smile and nod and say things like, “that’s interesting”, or “I totally get what you are saying”.

Taking sex entirely out of the equation here, you are ultimately going to be looking for a person’s company.  You absolutely cannot pour too much of yourself down her throat, otherwise she’s going to gag and run away the first chance she can catch a breath.

She’s got interests too, so in those crucial first parts of a budding relationship, it may not be such a good idea to express your intense knowledge of why you think you were cheated out of first place at a swim meet when you were twelve.  The woman tune you out so much to the point that you could yell to her that you are going to hand over a million dollars in cash to her and she will merely nod as if it’s another one of your long winded stories.

andisaidtomyselftalkingtoselfmirrordemotivationalposter1289873660Is this you?

Unless you’re into weirder stuff than I care to go into at the moment, your relationship probably just consists of two people.  That means for everyone to feel equal they have to get equal time dedicated towards what they are saying.  Doesn’t mean you have to be completely silent, just means sometimes you may just have to shut your trap for a few seconds and let her talk.

2. You’re Cheap Where It Counts

cheapskate1$2 is still money ok?

We’re not by any means talking about getting a lower car insurance rate or something simple like that.  And we’re not saying spend beyond your means either.  Chances are, if a woman is with you she has a relatively good idea of how much you rake in per week.  So if you do something stupid like promise her a fine night on the town and take her to an all you can eat buffet; it’s your own damned fault if she didn’t call you back.  Look at it like this, would you take your mother to a buffet on her birthday?  You wouldn’t.

So why would you take this woman that you are hoping to get romantic with eventually to somewhere that is way below your means.  Or on other parts of the date for example.  A woman can tell the difference between a guy that wants to take her to a movie in the middle of the day because he works nights as opposed to a guy that just wants to get a cheaper ticket.

cheapskateBack away slowly

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