5 Things To Talk To Women About (If You Want To Get Laid) – Part 1

5-Things-To-Talk-To-Women-About-(If-You-Want-To-Get-Laid)---Part-1One thing that I know for certain, is that when guys are around women they can occasionally get completely flummoxed about what to say.  Especially if it’s an insanely attractive woman, we’re literally tripping over our own words trying to find the right thing to say while not looking like a complete goon.

So you have to look to certain subjects that can let the woman sort of steer the conversation.  Here are some good topics to go with to make sure that the woman you are after doesn’t want to jettison herself from your presence after you say hello.

1. Your Friends (That Are Cool)

Funny-friendship-quotes-Collection-of-best-40-funny-friendship-31That would be an awesome story

If you’re talking to a woman and the conversation has gone on longer than five minute and she hasn’t found out anything about you, she’s going to be thinking that you have something to hide.  So it’s best to dispense with some information even if it only involves you on an indirect level.

Which is where your friends come in handy.  Humor can be used to ease the tension in those crucial first few minutes of getting to know somebody.  Chances are at one point or another one of your buddies has done something that anyone with a half a brain and a sense of humor would fall down laughing about.

 friendsYeah, not this guy, don’t talk about him

So what you need to do if you are going to go this route is wait for a moment in the conversation where the woman says something where she is talking about something wacky that happened to her or one of her own friends.  Immediately respond with a chuckle inducing anecdote about one of your friends.  Doesn’t matter if you have to make up a few important details to fit the occasion or outright bullshit your way through it.  They’ll get to know your friends soon enough as it is anyway.

The point is, that if you take charge and make the conversation about something related to you she can feel comfortable in making any kind of response that’s of the same level of yours.  If you start talking about how that thing that your friend did is the stupidest thing you had ever seen, it gives the woman the comfort to laugh because you’re the one that brought it up.

2. Her Family (But Too Much)

Awkward-family-photos-01Don’t ask her about her little brother

Women love to tell you about things.  You get far enough into a relationship or dating scenario they are going to eventually want to talk to you about everything.  You give a woman enough rope and she will take things as far as humanly possible.  You want to get eased into a conversation quickly?  Ask her about her family.

Not only will some go into the various members of the family and the basics of what her lineage is actually consisted of, but will proceed to give her opinions on what she thinks of each individual person.

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So you might want to strap yourself in for a long ride if you try to go to this route.  You may end up opening Pandora’s Box and be sat there for a good long time listening about what a shit for brains her brother is.  The upside of all of this is you will get to come off as a great listener.  Because women want to be around a guy that comes off as a good listener as well as a good talker and conversationalist you may be killing two birds with one stone here.

Her-Family-(But-Too-Much)He’s part of the family ok?

Plus, women secretly or not so secretly in some cases like to be with a guy that like to be problem solvers.  If they start talking to you and they are seemingly going on and on for what feels like an eternity to you about their parents; they aren’t doing it just to expel the carbon dioxide from their lungs.  If somebody talks to you about something that sounds like a problem in their life for long enough, they are trying to tell you without overtly saying that they need your help figuring it out.

So if you’re talking with a woman and she busts out a tale about how her brother got pulled over and she’s not sure of giving him the money for his second reckless driving ticket; tell her what you think.  Keep your response measured and don’t sound too preachy.  Because even though she may be talking shit about her family, it is her family after all.

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