5 Things To Talk To Women About (If You Want To Get Laid) – Part 2

5-Things-To-Talk-To-Women-About-(If-You-Want-To-Get-Laid)---Part-23. Something Funny About Yourself

me-failProbably not this

Nothing gets a conversation off to a good start like the words “you won’t believe what I saw today”.  It could be some funny cat video you saw on the internet or you saw a man trying to fit too many piece of luggage in the overhead bin on a train or something.  Chances are, unless you are a curmudgeonly bastard that’s more resembling of a senior citizen trapped in a much younger body; you’re going to have something funny to talk about.

Everyone loves to laugh and having something humorous to bring up will always bring a conversation live.  Jokes are fine, but those should be limited to short bursts.  Jokes don’t exactly extract the kind of participation from the audience you are trying to entertain at this moment.  Instead of busting out the one liners like you are trying out for a spot at a comedy club, have a good story.  Something with a few breaks where you have to stop and take a breath so the girl in question can put her two cents in.  Makes her feel like part of the story.

funny-guyTell her about the one time when you had to dance naked with purple buckets over you tits…

Even better is if you bring something up that would be a relatively common occurrence to most people.  If you live in a college town for example, and you got your bike lock key broken and you had to figure out how to get the bike lifted up over the light pole so you could get back to the dorm, chances are she has seen that happen to somebody or had it happen to her as well.  You’re in serious luck if you’re the person she actually saw it happen to.

Humor cuts through tension like nothing else in this world.  So if you’re struggling for something to get the conversation going, hitting her up with a few ha ha’s will always do the trick.

4.Favorite Places To Eat

ifukuGreat first date restaurant

Unless you’ve got some kind of disorder, everyone loves to eat.  Everyone also happens to have very strong opinions about something and those on occasion tend to revolve around food and where to get it.

People have strong emotions and are pretty loyal sometimes about where they like to chow down.  You want to get a good conversation started and don’t feel comfortable walking up to a woman and asking about her family yet?  Ask her one simple question, McDonald’s or Burger King.

It’s almost a North versus South divide with some people when it comes to fast food places.  There are some folks in the McDonald’s camp for example that think that anyone that eats at Burger King is a complete weirdo that should be locked up and studied for science.  Any person whether they be male for female will have some king of opinion on where the best places are to eat.

restaurant-failSeriously, cum in!

Think of this as a free shot at researching where to take her out to dinner.  I’m not saying by any means you should take a woman to a fast food place if you expect to get laid.  That line of questioning is reserved merely for ice breaking purposes.  But you get a woman talking about food and they will almost without realizing it tell you where she wants to go to eat if the two of you ever get that far.

This also serves a double purpose that if you listen hard enough to some of the places that she said she would like to go eat at and actually take her to one of those places; you’ve won half of the battle already.  This proves that you are a good listener because if you can somehow remember several days later a place that she mentioned once in conversation; she’s doing to think that you’re a much better guy that you’re letting on.

5. Movies

movies1Seriously, that was the best movie

There’s almost no more divisive issue, even more than politics or religion in this world than people’s taste in motion pictures.  It’s been known to break up a lot of relationships because the two people simply couldn’t agree what movie to watch on a given evening.

They also serve as a great jumping off point for conversations with women.  Because anybody that’s seen more than two movies in their lifetime will have something to say at length about at least one of them.

You’re really going to get to find out where somebody stands and what some of their other extracurricular interests are.  If a woman you are chatting up is into science fiction films, chances are she might be interested in going to one of those sci fi conventions you are secretly obsessed with going to.

moviesWhat? It’s ok to REALLY REALLY like Harry Potter ok?

Even if she isn’t interested in dressing up like a Klingon, talking about movies is a perfect neutral subject.  Because it’s a given that everyone is going to have different tastes in films, nobody is going to be or should be surprised that there is going to be some dissenting opinion here.

The key with talking to a woman about films is knowing to simply agree to disagree.  Besides, provided you aren’t too hard line about what you like to watch you open yourself up to a completely different variety of things to watch.

Movies are a great way of displaying that you can keep your options open.  If you’re one of those people that refuses to watch anything other than what you like you’re going to be kicked to the curb because the woman is going to look at you as a selfish bastard.  So keep your mind open.  It’s not about leaning what you like.  It’s about learning what she likes!

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There are a great deal more topics than what I can list in the space I have when it comes to good things to talk to women about.  The important thing is that while you may be the one controlling the conversation you have to give her the impressions that she is in charge as well.  So don’t monopolize the topic of discussion even though you might be an expert in it.  Have fun talking to each other!

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