5 Things You Do Online On Facebook (That Guarantees Rejection) – Part 2


3. They Comment Way Too Often

644256_423958634348199_1283496610_nAre those real? Are those real? Are those real?

People like to express their opinions, and they do it in several different ways.  They can simply put a link to something they like and that’s it.  Other’s go so far as to go on into full on diatribes about things.  Maybe you agree with her and want to voice your opinion.  That’s fine.

Under no circumstances should you ever be that guy that posts comments every five minutes.  Don’t be the guy that’s the first one to post a reply.  What does that spell out to a woman that sees you posting a comment two minutes after her posting a status update?

Why, that says that you are one of those guys that’s automatically going to be hawking over every single thing that she does and that you’re essentially watching her every move.  Woman hate that, and they will think you’re setting up a stalking operation on her.

retarded-facebook-commentWomen also hate guys who make stupid comments…

Guys, especially when trying to impress a woman should be as fashionably late to commenting on something as humanly possible.  Don’t wait a half a week to post a comment, but give it at least a half a day.  If you look that interested in her talking about the cup of coffee she had that morning, she’s going to think you are crazy.

By the way, this will come up in a different idea along the same line; don’t upstage the woman.  If you two have been to the same place to eat on different occasions, and she posts one of those ridiculous pictures of what she had to eat please don’t do the same damn thing.  It’s just going to make you look like you want all the attention for yourself.  She wants to know that you’re willing to let her have the center ring in some circumstances.

4. Make Inappropriate Comments

282696_423897497687646_543920124_nI think you have a wedgey

This one is just plain honest to god common sense.  You’ve got this girl that you’ve been chatting up on Facebook.  I keep bringing up Facebook because let’s face it, with a natural three percent margin of error it’s where almost one hundred percent of things are said where the person saying them should wish they can take back.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and most of the time when you say something on Facebook you are without realizing it, making a first impression on the friends and family of the girl you are trying to get in good with.

It’s one thing to go on a Facebook page and say to a woman you’re interested in or have been on a date or two with that she looked great when you two went out or something like that.  It’s something completely different if you go in making comments about how you the dress she was wearing would have only looked better in a pile on the floor.


Yes, if you’re dumb don’t advertise it on Facebook

Guess what?  Her friends and family have probably seen that and thought one of two things.  Either you’re a pig who she should be embarrassed to be seen with, or that she’s a whore.  Either way, by busting out with an inappropriate comment you’ve now given the girl the extremely hot potato of a ration of shit she’s now likely going to have to deal with.

If she hasn’t called you in a while and you’ve been pecking away at your keyboard on her Facebook page; she’s probably fielding calls from concerned family members that want to keep her as far away from you as possible.

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This of course isn’t just limited to sexually explicit comments.  You have to know the audience and then act accordingly.  If the general theme of the comments is of a particular tone, try to match that while still maintaining your own uniqueness.

5. You Spill Your Autobiography


Just don’t totally lie to study at Harvard and spell it “Harverd”

If a woman sees something in you and things spill from a couple of dates into a full on relationship, you two are going to have a long goddamn time to get to know everything about each other.  All of your wants, hopes and desires.  All the shit that you’d only talk to a psychiatrist.

So, that being said, it’s a good thing to tell a woman a little bit about yourself.  That’s the key word.  Nobody in the history of dating has heard the words “So, tell me your entire life story including the really gruesome bits from your childhood.  Also, don’t forget to outline exactly which one of your parents was the raging alcoholic and exactly how bad you were bullied in school”.  People can go into sensory overload very quickly.


Did I tell you? I’m a professional photographer, I can help

Which is why in that little section of your dating profile or of your Facebook, you have to keep that shit brief.  It does nobody any good, especially you when it comes to securing a date, if you bust out a couple thousand words on the history of your life.  If the first thing that a woman sees about you is about how you are a survivor of some childhood tragedy or something like that, she may think that you have too much baggage for her to bear.

Editing is the key.  Give as much information as you want but learn how to word it correctly and keep it short and to the point.  Your vagueness will also help spurn the conversation along during the first couple of dates.  For example, if you came from a rough background; say that and nothing more.  The lack of information will spark the woman’s curiosity and leave her looking for more information.

girls-crop1Women understand the need to edit

This also holds true for comments on a woman’s page.  If she’s giving out about losing a beloved family pet, don’t make the show about your ass.  Say you feel bad and remind her if she wants to talk about it you’re always there.  It does nothing but make you look like a selfish bastard if you give a comment talking about a similar situation you experienced that’s longer than what she originally posted.

You’ve got to give a little bit of an air of mystery about yourself.  If you bust out every little thing about you right out of the starting gate, chances are the woman is going to get bored easy and think that there’s to new horizons to explore.  Besides, she already knows about your daddy issues.


What it all boils down to, at the absolute heart of it is to remember to keep a respectful distance.  Women don’t want a guy so close that they can feel your breath on the back of their neck until they are the ones that pull you in.  So keep a respectable distance until the time is right, and for God’s sake don’t comment on anything more than three months old.

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