5 Ways To Get A One Night Stand – Part 1

5 Ways To Get A One Night Stand - Part 1

There’s all types of guys out there on the dating scene. You’ve got your one group of guys that are out looking for the women that they want to spend the rest of their life with. Truly respectable lot. Then you’ve got your guys that are just interested in looking for a woman they can have fun with for a little while until Miss Right comes along. Nothing harmful there either.
Then you’ve got your last category, which if you are reading this you likely fall into. You want to go out, find a woman and get with her and then not have any strings attached. You are in the one night stand category. Here’s five ways to accomplish that mission.

Spot Your Intended Prey


stand 1
If you’re only intention when you go out somewhere is looking for someone you can spend the night with and just the night, don’t waste time. Don’t spend any precious seconds think about what you are going to say to the woman to get to know her. You’re not planning to be around long enough afterwards to get to know her anyway.

So whenever you arrive at your intended hunting location, take just a few minutes and scan the room and look for two or three good choices of women you’d like to take home or whatever hotel might be nearby.

Opt for the women who are wearing less clothing than some of the other women at the club. They aren’t necessarily dressing like that because they are slutty or are a borderline whore. It’s been proven that when women are ovulating that they often dress provocatively, i.e. damn close to naked as subconscious way of attracting a potential mate. It’s the same thing that happens in the wild when an animal shows another animal its ass.

One good point of attack is to look for a woman that might be a bit more experienced sexually than some of the other women. Women that dress suggestively that haven’t been around the block as many times as others might be extremely standoffish when it comes to your mention of a one night stand. Somebody that’s a little bit older and wiser might realize that you are just out for a little fun and they will see that for them, there isn’t any harm in that.

Of course, you want to try and go for the most attractive woman possible. You could always decide to take the nuclear option and go for the least attractive woman of the bunch. She’ll be happy as a hog in shit to take you up on the offer because she’s just pleased that somebody is paying attention to her. However, if you really want to live up to your full potential; be sure to set your sights higher than the ugly duckling. Her ass isn’t turning into a swan anytime soon.

Pick Her Up


stand 5
Now that you’ve picked out your selection when it comes to the woman that you want to spend a lusty evening with; you’ve got to get over the hurdle of talking her into it. The first thing that you have to realize is that she has got to be comfortable. If she isn’t comfortable, you can go from guy that wants to have a good time with her to sex pervert in an instant.
Often times, one night stands usually work out better when initiated at private house parties because everyone is there for a common reason, like celebrating somebody’s birthday or Halloween or whatever it may be. You’ve also got to step boldly before the throne. If you walk up to a woman that you want to get with for the night and you’re acting like a scared little mouse, you’re going to be going home with your dick in your hand and not in hers.

So you’ve got to make her feel like you’ve got a certain amount of swagger to you. It might help if you picture yourself as some movie star that gets every woman he’s with. The power of visualization can be a strong thing.

Complimenting a woman is always a fine way to earn the keys to the castle. However, don’t compliment her on her appearance. More often than not, a woman that’s randomly walked up to the way you are doing already knows she looks good. She’s known it for a long damn time. Instead, throw her for a loop and talk about something like how you enjoy her dancing. Even if you think it’s terrible. It will throw her off balance.

And please for the love of God don’t babble. More perfectly viable one night stands have been ruined just for the fact that the guy in the scenario just wouldn’t shut his damn mouth. Keep things flowing but don’t make the crap all about you. The ones that are always thought of as the best at conversation are usually the best listeners.
And find out what the terms of the potential engagement are. Find out what hurdles you need to jump over. Find out if she’s got roommates or if she has to be at work early the next day. That way you can construct a plan to get a decision in your favor.


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