5 Ways To Get Laid (Yes, Past Third Base!) – Part 1


A lot of you reading this have probably run into this scenario a few times.  You’ve been seeing this chick a few weeks, maybe a month or two.  You’ve gotten into pretty heavy stuff sexually short of actually having sex.  Perhaps you’ve swapped oral back and forth with each other.  Maybe she’s gone down on you in the parking lot before you went back into your apartment but for some reason hasn’t gone all the way with you yet.  Don’t worry, you shouldn’t kick her to the curb.  You’d be silly to.  You’re not doing too bad as it is, just haven’t closed the whole deal yet.  Here’s how.

1. Be Romantic (Not In The Hollywood Way)

cow-romanceIf you can get a cow to play a harp for your woman, you’re sooooo getting laid

If you’re one of these guys that just thinks pussy is going to fall into your lap, you are sorely mistaken.  Women know what certain commodities are worth, and the sanctity of their vaginas are a highly sought after commodity.  So they know, at least the ones that aren’t complete tramps, not to just toss it out to every guy that opens a door for her.

So you might have to dig deep down in the playbook for something that will show her that you’re putting out enough feelings towards her that deserve you being in the same room as she’s getting out of her clothing.  Not saying go out and buy a hundred roses, just twelve or so will do in most cases.  If you’ve just started dating and she’s got a birthday coming up, by all means do something that will surprise her.  There are few things that will get a woman ready to pounce on you quicker than remembering a date she’s not even certain you know yet.

Be Romantic Not In The Hollywood WayI care for you so much I’m trying to listen to your heart beat

You don’t have to go linen table cloths and candles to be romantic.  Some women just aren’t into that and will know you’re just looking to find out what’s in it for you.  So be careful when you’re busting out the romantic playbook.  It may end up backfiring on you.

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But don’t be afraid to bust out the candy and roses when necessary.  Just know when to temper yourself and to not go overboard.  There actually is such a thing as over romantic.  Don’t look like you’re trying too hard.

2. Be There In Her Hour Of Need

babe1Let me save you from drowning

If she calls you at three in the morning saying that her dog is sick and she needs a ride to the vet, you be there by five minutes after three.  If she gets a flat tire in the middle of the woods, you be there with the spare and the jack.  Everything short of taking a hit from a bolt of lightning, you be there for.

Now why is this?  Once again, women know that they are precious commodities that shouldn’t be given away for little or no effort.  They want to see if a guy that’s on the fringes of a relationship will step up to the plate when they are needed.  I’ve had it happen to me.  Weirdest one personally was one time I was dating this girl that had moved into a new apartment about three weeks before we started dating.  She had just gotten things finally settled and we were going to be spending an evening out doing your normal date night haven’t had sex yet bullshit.  What happened next is so strange, yet got me some of the best sex I ever had.

Be There In Her Hour Of Need

Yes… that’s right, I’ll strip naked and you’ll think I’m taking care of you

She calls me about two hours before I’m supposed to pick her up.  Amidst her haste in getting ready, she tossed something into the toilet that must have plugged it up something fierce.  She looked out of the shower and saw the water rising.  She reaches for a plunger that she quickly realizes she forgot to buy.  Knowing that I was going to be coming over, she calls me and asks me if I could stop by a store and get a plunger.

I was blown back, I’d never been asked that by a date before; much less someone I had known for such a short amount of time.  But for some reason, I bought the damn plunger.  She opens the door greeting me like I’m a conquering hero.  I go into her bathroom, fix the stubborn toilet clog and that was that.  We didn’t leave her apartment that night.  She damn near immediately was out of her towel and in her bed with me.  The situation is different for everyone, but pay attention.  You never know when being the conquering hero is going to lead to good results.

So whether she needs you for a plunger or just to cry about something shitty that happened to her that day, always be on alert.  You never know when you are going to have to charge the hill and save the village for her.  In a manner of speaking.

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