5 Ways To Get Laid (Yes Past Third Base!) – Part 2


3. Buy Something Expensive? Only When She DESERVES It…

grocery-shopping-babe1Buy her something expensive and she’ll go grocery shopping for you

If you really want to see if a woman will take the plunge from third base back to home there’s one thing you could always do even though it’s considered a risky move by a lot of people.  Buy her ass something expensive.  Sounds almost like the ploy of an evil genius doesn’t it?

It may be semi unethical, but a woman that will only give it up for something expensive is not going to be a woman that you are going to be with for a long time.  However, if money isn’t an object for you and you the lay of the land so to speak; then go out and buy her as many lavish gifts as possible. But only do so when it’s appropriate and she has earned it.

women-danceThis is what happens when women receive an expensive gift

Or something that may work even better than that now that we’re really thinking.  Don’t buy anything expensive.  Just the threat of her possibly getting something expensive will really get her juices flowing and finally get her to unbutton that top button of yours.  There are some women, mostly vain bitches with no sense of right and wrong, will screw a guy even if they just think that they are going to get something shiny out of the whole deal.

But remember, these women are not the types that are going to be with you for the long haul.  Only do this if you have the means to do so.  Don’t go spending all of your hard earned money on an expensive item for some girl you’re not sure you’re going to be with for more than a short time.

4. Don’t Go Looking For It

boxing-girlI was looking for nipples too

You know how there are people in your life that you would gladly do anything in the world for if they would just shut the hell up?  The world is filled with people like this, ranging from that guy next to you at the office that keeps asking when the report is going to be filed or if you’ve sent that damn email yet, all the way to a guy that would probably get some sex out of a woman if he’d just shut the hell up.

I have a female friend that had been dating a guy for some time and would occasionally tell me the current goings on of each date.  Anyway, one day I had asked her what had been going on with the two of them since it had actually been a couple of weeks since she had given me any news on what was going on.

looking-for-hoes1Looking for dem hoes

Turns out the two of them were sitting at dinner about five weeks into the two of them dating.  She had fully made up her mind before the date that after dinner, even if a tornado hit the restaurant she was going to have sex with him.  She had the whole thing laid out, even had matches next to her nightstand so he could light the candles without having to fumble about in an unfamiliar drawer.  Midway through the meal, he looked at her and said that they had been going out for some time and wondered what was in it for him.

In other words, he was pretty much blatantly asking her when exactly they were going to have sex.  You know, as if he had to time it around a train schedule or something.  Oh she finished the meal, but she called an audible and went home.  I don’t think she ever actually returned any of his phone calls.  Sometimes, if you feel like something is never going to happen; chances are it’s about to and you just need to shut the hell up.

5. Be The PRIZE!


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Don’t be like this

Some of you that may be of a meeker persuasion may think that my previous advice on not looking for sex might be contradictory at first glance, but it’s actually designed to go hand in hand with my next point.  If you’re with somebody long enough, you’re going to know whether or not the woman actually wants to have sex with you.  Chances are if her mouth has made contact with your genitals or there’s been a breast out at some point you’re going to have sex eventually if you don’t totally screw things up.

Which means that you should step boldly before the throne.  If you look like you are begging, no woman will ever give anything up to you.  You’re going to die a virgin hermit playing World of Warcraft next to an old dryer in a basement somewhere.  However, if you give off the appearance like you expect it to happen at any  moment and temper it with some friggin style, you might actually get some.

You have to go into anything in life that could be loosely regarded as a contest looking like you think you are going to win.  If you go into a date not looking like you either know or want to have sex with this chick eventually, you’re going to get put right in the friend zone file.

Then you know what will happen?

Be the PrizeNo, this isn’t what’s going to happen…

You’ll be on the phone with her a few weeks later while she’s talking about how the guy she is with now is treating her like shit while all you can think is you wish this woman would shut up so you can figure out which WoW expansion pack you want to get.  So if you’ve got balls you should be able to get some eventually.


It’s not that hard to get past third base with a woman.  Oh, it may take a bit of theatrics and some slight subterfuge at times, but you can get it done.  But if you use some of these methods you should be in her bed testing the structural integrity of her box spring in no time.  In a manner of speaking.

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