5 Ways To Get Your Girlfriend Back (& Keep Her For Good) – Part 2


3. Use The Power Of Jealousy (When Needed)

funny-jealous-woman-quote1Jealous women are scary

There are very few times in breakups where men bend the rules and go out of our normal scope of operations.  A lot of times we will sit and sulk for a while until our friends coax us to get back on the horse.

But how are you going to get this woman back if you really want her if you don’t make her care about what you’re doing and where you are going.  I hate to be the one to break it to you but you simply can’t.

So you might have to get a little bit treacherous and fiddle with her jealous instincts a bit.  You’ll know early enough on in a relationship whether a woman is the jealous type.  Save a few texts from a female relative on your phone and leave it on the nightstand when you go to the bathroom.  If she starts asking you who this woman is that keeps texting you, remember that for later.  You might be able to use her nosiness to your advantage.

jealousbitch1LOL. The power of jealously!

When they say after a relationship what you need to do is get on the horse, they aren’t bullshitting you.  They tend to know a lot.  Anyway, what you need to do is once she relieves you of your privilidges associated with being in a relationship with her; start talking to people again.  You’ve got female friends and old dates that you may still be loosely acquainted with.  Start talking to them again.  Start engaging in basic conversation with them and over the course of time they will start posting cutesy little messages on your Facebook.  You know, the shit with lots of smiley faces and things like that.

Especially if the woman has put you in the above mentioned “needing some space” mode, she hasn’t quite given up the ghost on you just yet.  Your girl has sort of put you on an unpaid leave, like a cop that’s under an investigation from internal affairs.  In her mind, you’re still hers even though she isn’t exactly with you every possible moment of the day.

She’s going to start thinking to herself, who are these bitches and what are they doing talking to my man.  That will get her to thinking that she needs to put a stop to this as quickly as possible and get her to make that surprise call to you saying how much she misses you and that she wants you to come over.  Remember, you stand a far better chance of getting back with a girl if she’s the one that contacts you.  Which brings me to my next point.

4. Let Her Contact You

call-me-back2Are you man enough to say this?

Every situation is different of course, but if you give the girl enough space and don’t hound her ass like a pitbull going after a steak she will get in contact with you.  It may take days or even a few weeks, but if she really wants to be with you she will come around.  She will initiate a conversation.

So what the hell is a guy to do then?  You’ve got a bit of a poker game going here.  At the same time you’re happy she is talking to you again while trying to slightly conceal your emotions so she doesn’t get the upper hand.  You want things to be on an even playing field as possible.

answer1She’ll call you eventually

Be polite and fun, and for god’s sake don’t be an asshole to her.  Don’t be aloof.  Try and remember the first few conversations the two of you ever had and be that guy.  Be the man that she fell in love with.  Make her remember what drew her to you in the first place.

You have to as passively as possible take charge of the situation.  You have to make her feel as if life is going on normally for you even though you may have been a wreck emotionally.  You have to make it sound like you are still having a great deal of fun without her.  This will of course tap into the jealousy factor.  Because she will be jealous of you for the mere fact that you are having fun without her.  She will in turn think of all the great shit she’s missing out on by not being with you.  Then you hold a bit of the power.  So let her make the first move.

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5. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts (Gifted Sparingly)


A gift will give her a surprise

Some may look at the idea of giving a woman you’ve broken up with or have been dumped by a gift, but in some cases it’s actually not a bad idea.  But it’s to be used sparingly and only on specific occasions.  So don’t go randomly buying gifts for every woman you’re going to end up breaking up with.  You’ll just look like a desperate bastard.

This method tends to really only work with the woman who has requested space.  Space doesn’t exactly exclude you from future contact, it’s just a right now sort of thing.  Unless the woman is being a bitch.  The perfect time to get a girlfriend back using a gift is if she’s cut you loose sometime around her birthday.  If it’s  a few weeks before her birthday and she’s let you go, if you really want this woman back make sure to start looking around for something nice.  Nothing too big, but nothing hideously cheap either.

surprisebitch1Surprise her, women love it

Have it nicely delivered to her house or work.  Work is especially a good place because there’s an audience that will want to read the card attached.  Get the best card you can find, and write in the inside about how you’re awesome you are doing, and you just wanted to wish her a happy birthday.  If you haven’t completely scrweed things up by calling her every day, her and everyone around her is going to think about how sweet a gesture that was.  May even get some of her coworkers to entice her to call you to say thanks.  And that will lead to other things for sure.


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