5 Ways To Know If She Wants To Have Sex (Yes, WITH YOU) – Part 1

5-Ways-To-Know-If-She-Wants-To-Have-Sex-(Yes,-WITH-YOU)---Part-1How’d you like to try new things in bed with your girl?

The trick is finding out what she’s down for without completely turning her off and losing sexy time altogether. This is sometimes easier said then done and if you take the wrong approach, it can be very bad for you. How do you do it? Here are three strategies.

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1. The Dream

Brunette-Girl-Hot-Booty-PicYup, she wants sex

Normally, no one cares about your dreams. I always know when to stop listening to someone when they start off with, “I had this dream last night that…” It didn’t happen. I don’t care. “Becket, I had this dream where we were on a boat and the sky turned orange and—” Don’t care. Unless of course you have powers and can predict the future and have lottery numbers to tell me. Then feel free to tall me all about your dream.

I’m rich, bitchesI’m rich, bitches! I ski on gold coins!

When it comes to getting your special someone to open up, however, “the dream” can be a useful weapon in your information-seeking arsenal. Dreams are a great way to introduce a sexual situation without actually saying that you want to do it.

Here’s an EXAMPLE:

You: Hey, (girl’s name), I had a sex dream about you last night.

Hot Girl (smiles slightly): Oh?

You: Yeah.

Hot Girl: What was it about?

You: Well, we _______________. (I’ll let you fill in the blank there, you sick pervert.)

After you tell her about your fake dream, judge her reaction. If she doesn’t react well, maybe she thinks what you dreamed about is a little extreme, say something like, “What, haven’t you ever had a sex dream?” This could get her to open up and get the conversation about her desires going. If she seems game for whatever you “dreamt” about, great. You can still ask her if she’s ever had any dreams like that.Brunette-Girl-Sexy-Thong

Hopefully she’s had a dream that involves this girl.

Saying something is a dream is great because it allows you to (at least partially) back out of a risky situation if she’s turned off. (WARNING: Be sure that your dream isn’t too crazy. If it is, you may suffer series repercussions; even if it was a dream. In all honestly, she will mostly know you are full of crap about it being a dream, but that won’t matter since she’ll get the point of what you want and what you are trying to say.

2. Alcohol

Suleika-Blackmen-Hot-Fit-ButtYup she wants it

Now I’m not saying the two of you should go out and get hammered and then you can ask her what she wants to do in bed. Alcohol can help or hurt you when it comes to dealing with women in general and that’s true in this case.

Nuvo tastes good and girls like it because it’s pink and it’s in a cool bottleNuvo tastes good and girls like it because it’s pink and it’s in a cool bottle.

If you get too drunk and start blabbering about all the dirty things you want to do to her and then rudely ask her what how she wants to be “banged”, it probably won’t work out too well. Remember, Being Rude = No Happy Time. Alcohol can definitely be a dangerous tool in your fight to get you to tell her how she secretly wants to be f***ed. If you don’t use it correctly you might get burned.

On the positive side, however, alcohol does make people lose their inhibitions to an extent. If your girl is somewhat reserved, she’ll be more likely to open up about her secret desires after a few drinks. Also, if she reacts negatively to your question, you can just blame the booze!

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