5 Ways To Know If She Wants To Have Sex (Yes, WITH YOU) – Part 2

5-Ways-To-Know-If-She-Wants-To-Have-Sex-(Yes,-WITH-YOU)---Part-23. Wait Till She’s Horny

 hornyfail1     She wanted it!

No matter how you decide to ultimately ask her about the naughty things she wants you to do to her (or the naughty things that she wants to do to you), it’ll go over better if she’s already in the mood. Be careful though because you don’t want to totally ruin the mood and turn her off by approaching her in a manner that is rude or off-putting.

Young Angelina Jolie wants your bodyYoung Angelina Jolie wants your body.

Still, it is all about timing. If you breach the topic after she’s gotten home after an awful day at the office, she won’t be quite as receptive as if you ask her after she’s been flirting with you and you can tell that she wants it. Ask her if there’s anything different she wants to try. Just ask her! And keep it casual. The bigger a deal you make it, the bigger deal it’ll become.

I think that’s one of the most important things to remember when dealing with this subject: Be casual. A lot of times if you make something a big deal, then it becomes a big deal. I mean, obviously she wants you to know how she really wants to have sex since it’ll make sex more pleasurable for her. It’s all about comfort. Casual=comfort=honesty


Also, it will be pretty clear if you are not comfortable… so get comfortable! She’s obviously with you for some reason (it’s not just your sparkling personality, she is attracted to you). If you are comfortable she will be far more likely to be open and let you know what she secretly wants to do in bed.

With books (and soon movies) like 50 Shades of Grey, women are becoming more open about their secret sexual desires than ever. The time is now to find out what she wants in bed!

Bottom line: You know when the time is right; just don’t hesitate. You’ll be glad you didn’t.

4. Movies

Franziska-Facella-Sexy-Blonde-Ass-Girl1Yes, I want it. I mean she does

People as a whole tend to look at movies as an escape and a window into their fantasies.  Sure, they don’t think that by any stretch of the imagination that they will ever be able to do half of the crap they see in films; but they like to think that.  This is usually communicated to other people with the words “wouldn’t it be fun” or “you know what would be so amazing”.

Women can get like this with movies and it can be just about any type.  It doesn’t have to be porn necessarily.  Sure, you can get a much clearer picture if you happen to be watching porn.  It might be much easier for your woman to get the suggestion in her head that it would be a good idea to be screwed upside down while you are suspending her by her feet from your office desk, but for some the degree of difficulty might be higher.

Maybe you’re one of those unfortunate souls that has a woman that completely detests pornography.  In that case, I might suggest that you stage an intervention for your woman.  Explain that occasional watching of adult films is good for a healthy relationship.  Because after all, every once in a while you run out of things to talk about.

 Sexy-Brunette-Selfshot1I wonder what she wants to talk about

And you also run out of ways to have sex.  Eventually if you’re with a woman long enough and you don’t change things up one of you is probably going to get bored and I’d bet my last dollar it’s going to be her.  Guys, we’re just happy that it’s happening.

Women however will tend to get bored from time to time and those that don’t watch the dirty movies will sit there completely stumped because they have gone through every idea in her head.  If she is completely unprompted by a little strategically placed porn, you’ll never have a conversation with her about sex that starts with her saying about how that thing those two were doing in the movie got her to thinking about how she’s like the two of you to do that.  You’re probably just going to go on as normal and at some point be met with a packed suitcase or be one of those guys that cries and apologizes at the end of the bed.

5. Sexy  Gifts


Alright, let me first state the following.  This next point is not suggesting by any means that you should go out and buy a several hundred dollar sex swing.  Nor is it saying that you should buy any sort of sexual device that requires a gas generator.  We’re talking all about subtlety here.  If you ask a woman plain out how she wants to be done, you’re never going to get answered with anything other than a slap.  The key in this and in everything we have talked about here is to try and do it with a little bit of subtlety.

Gifts to be worn or used in some way in the bedroom are always a good idea to get this information out of a woman.  Don’t go buying shit for some woman you met three weeks ago.  You’re wasting money and if anything she’ll dump your ass for thinking that she’s nothing more than your whore of the month.  Keep that in mind.

That being said, a well placed sexy gift will do wonders for getting the top secret information you are trying to obtain.  Now why is this?  Because women don’t go around thinking about sex on an everyday level as much as men do, they tend to keep some of their fantasies in the back of their mind; often forgetting about them for extended periods of time until something jogs their memory into remembering them.

Hot-Brunette-Hand-BrasShe’s holding 2 gifts

Don’t buy any sort of appliance or device.  Woman will just think that you are giving her a replacement for you.  You’ll eventually end up replacing yourself with a dishwasher safe vibrator.  Sexy clothing is usually a fair bet.  You get a woman a bra or some sort of sexy looking underclothing that for a split second makes her feel like a different person, she’ll become temporarily uninhibited and start to thinking about the ways she’d like to have it if she was this person all the time.

This of course is a win for you, because it was her idea.  So she’ll be more up to giving you this information because it came as the result of a gift.  And she’s not going to be wearing that shit alone by herself watching the news.  She’s going to be wearing it while the two of you are pretending that you are saving her from the evil villain that tied her to the train tracks.


Key here is not to press for the information.  Make them feel like what you are getting from them is all you need and they will be more apt to tell you about all of the things they have going on in their head and how they want it done.  Remember, common sense and patience is the key.

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