5 Ways To Make Women Want You – Part 1

5 Ways To Make Women Want You - Part 1

What’s up bros? Manly Mike here, and I just got back from pumping a ridiculous amount of iron. I was checking my email and saw a question come up from this poor guy that couldn’t get any in a woman’s prison with a pocketful of weekend passes.

I don’t really having the problem of getting women to want me, which is probably why I’m such an expert on the topic. Last week, Wayne and I were out and of course I had my relatively large harem of women almost fighting with each other to come home with me. I picked the top two. Wayne however, was generally feeding from the bottom of the tank. Went home with a woman that was so unfortunate looking that when she’s having sex she has to pretend that she’s someone else.

Anyway, back to this email. He wrote in part that he wanted a couple of tips on how to make women want you. Well, it’s going to be a different road for everyone but I’ll shoot off a couple. Maybe some of you that are in this guy’s situation will benefit from my advice.

1. How To Make Women Want You, Tip #1: Communicate Your Status Properly

Communicate Your Status Properly

Look, I talk to a lot of guys at the gym and one thing is for sure; no two guys are alike. You got people that go into the gym and while they may never lift a single weight, the chicks in the Zumba classes see these distance runners and figure they must have great endurance in bed. You’d be surprised how many marathon runners have women running the twenty six miles to get to them!
Anyway, one of the key things when it comes to getting a chick to want you is that you’ve got to put out there that you are some shit that they need. You’ve got to put out that signal that says to the ladies that you are a grade A, top choice cut that they want to sink their teeth into. Like the way I do with the gym, and the way my friend Wingman Wayne does by telling them….well, he’s not that great of an example.

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They key to communicating to women that they should probably go after your high class self is simple, take anything that might be low grade out of it. Think about this, how many garbage men do you see getting women’s phone numbers? None probably. Now, when that same garbage man goes to the club later that night he’s going to have women flocking to him. You know why? Because he doesn’t come in there like a garbage man!

He walks into the club like he just won first runner up against me in the best biceps competition.
And for god’s sake brothers, you’re never going to get a lineup of women like me if you come off as the type that is looking for approval like you’re a lost puppy. You might get a woman at last call that’s far below any decent person’s standards, but you’re not going to get the women that I go after and get practically all of the time. You send out that signal to a woman that you couldn’t care if she comes after you because you know damn well you could get any woman in the place, the one you want will come after you. Let’s face it bros, women can be some catty jealous bitches sometimes. Even if they just kinda want something, they will take it just because somebody else wants it.

2. How To Make Women Want You, Tip #2: Make Friends With Attractive Women

Make Friends With Attractive Women

This next one is so foolproof it makes me want to get sick in my gym bag at the thought that more guys don’t employ this tactic. If you want to get a woman to notice you to the point where the gears are grinding in her head about how much she wants to grind on you, get you some female friends.

You want to take those chicks that may have stuck you in friend zone city and use them to your advantage. This works for a couple of reasons. One, you’re sitting in the club with two or three of these women friends you increase your visibility. People tend to pay attention to large groups anyway and want to see what the hell is going on over there.

Second, they have other friends that they’ll introduce you to. Attractive women tend to hang around other attractive women. Sure, they may have the occasional one that’s a little bit unfortunate looking that some guy like Wingman Wayne might jump on because he doesn’t mind risking looking desperate. But you want the gold; you don’t want to settle for bronze. You hang around good looking women long enough and they will quite seriously just bring women to you.

This will definitely put a couple punches into your man card when your guy friends see what looks like women just being handed over
to you by other women.

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