5 Ways To Make Women Want You – Part 2

5 Ways To Make Women Want You - Part 2

3. How To Make Women Want You, Tip #3: Let Her Chase You

Let Her Chase You

This point will tie in to something later, so pay attention people. Guys, we’re practically wired to tell when a woman is about to walk up to us and say hello. That stuff is built in all the way back to when we were little kids running around the playground in school. Remember, real men like me and you are a commodity and you’ve got to make the women realize that if you want to get one that’s really awesome.

I’ll tell you a little story. I go to this same gym about four times a week. There was this one woman that one of the managers at the gym said was interested in me. Wanted my number and all of that good stuff. Well, knowing this girl’s workout routine I set up shop on the treadmill next to her. (Not that a ridiculously jacked dude like me needs cardio, but that’s beside the point.) Anyway, I start jogging and after about ten minutes she taps me on the arm. We both look at each other and she starts to talk. I’m just nodding my head and smiling. After about a minute my phone rings, and I make my end of the convo sound like some life threatening emergency that only I could handle. I grab my stuff and go.

I let this happen for about two weeks every time we ran into each other. Eventually she cornered me in the parking lot before my work out and got me to agree to a date because she knew if she asked me inside the gym I’d be called to go handle some business for somebody else.

I made this chick work for it. Because dammit, I’m worth it to work for. Besides, it’s that old thing of people wanting what they can’t have even more than if it were easy for them to get. So remember this bros, make yourself a commodity and make her think she can’t get you and she will jump through hoops just to get your phone number.
Remember something bros, you are all awesome in some way. You might not be a strongman like me physically, but you might be some super smart dude like Wayne or you know how to keep boats from sinking or some shit. But you are all awesome, so there’s no reason why this woman shouldn’t be the one chasing you. Remember, chasing something conveys desperation and you don’t want to look desperate. Takes all of the bullets out of your gun.

4. How To Make Women Want You, Tip #4: Be A Confident Dude

Be A Confident Dude

Here’s the thing, I’ve been in a couple of fights in clubs where I’ve had to defend either my honor or the honor of the chick I was with. I’ve never lost. It’s got nothing to do with the fact that I’m basically a one big giant muscle. It’s got more to do with the fact that I know I’m gonna win and pound that scrawny punk right into a puddle at my feet.

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See that? That’s called confidence. I know I’m going to win, and that’s how you’ve got to be with women. If a woman can see that you are desperate and practically holding up a sign begging for a woman to come talk to you, you’re never going to get a woman to come talk to you. It’s because you are begging.

Women don’t want to be with a guy that’s a beggar. They want a badass who has confidence pouring out their body so fast they could run a tap and bottle that shit. If you’re somewhere and you are out with the intention of looking for a woman to take back to your place for the night, act like you’ve already gotten the girl to say yes and she just doesn’t know it yet.

Start sentences with the word “when.” For example, instead of asking her “would you like to come over to my place sometime,” you re-phrase it sand say “WHEN you come over to my place, I’m showing to introduce you to my awesome puppy.”

Or, “When I take you out to dinner…”
“When you meet my friends…”

You get the idea.

You start filling a woman’s head with a parade of “if’s,” and she’ll start to think that maybe leaving the building with your ass isn’t such a great idea.

If you want a quick example of how to properly display confidence, I’ve got a simple one that anyone can do. Walk into the club and walk a complete circle around the place. Then sit down at the bar and not say a word to anyone for thirty minutes. Most women that I’ve been with (and that’s a lot) tell me that most of the time a guy will enter the club and immediately start talking up women like they’ve got a friggin bomb strapped to their balls that will go off if a woman doesn’t say yes. When you send the vibe that you really don’t care, and you don’t seem too “invested” in the outcome, chicks will be more receptive.

5. How To Make Women Want You, Tip #5: Tell Her You’d Be Great Friends

Tell Her You’d Be Great Friends

Ok bros, remember what I said a minute ago about letting the woman chase you? We’ve now come to the other half of that idea. Women by and large get really jealous and pissy if they find out that there’s something that they can’t have. Which is why they are always so calm around some of their guys friends. They’re not after them. They’ve been put in the friend zone.

Friend zoning a guy is probably one of the most evil things that a woman can do. Which is why it’s such a great shock to their system when it gets pulled on them. ou start talking to a woman and let the conversation go on long enough to learn some shit about her that she thinks is interesting. Then what you gotta do is tell her that she would be a really interesting friend to have. If you’re lucky, here’s what will happen…

The gears in this woman’s head will start spinning immediately. She will start thinking to herself that this hunk just told me that I can’t have him and that I’ve been put in the friend zone. Remember, chicks hate it when you tell them they can’t have something. They will start going all out to get your ass, as well as the rest of you.

It’s such a shock and it works so well because women so rarely hear this from guys. It also ties into the confidence thing by saying to her that you don’t feel the need to try to get with every woman you meet. And it challenges her by making her wonder exactly what she has to do to get with you.


Here’s the thing bros, you do what I say and you’ll get women wanting you. I may not be a professor, but I do know a thing or two about getting with women. And if you start using some of the tricks of their trade, they’ll be wearing one of your shirts at two in the morning asking you where you keep the ice cream in your freezer.

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