6 Mistakes Men Make While Having Sex – Part 1

6 Mistakes Men Make While Having Sex - Part 1

Listen up men, I know some of you guys are possibly on your way to getting some ass from that girl you’ve been shelling out money you should have been spending on the gym. I also know that the night that you’re spending with this woman is going to be the only night you spent with her.

I’ve been out with some of the guys from the office, not going to say who (it’s Wayne) and I’ve actually on occasion had to take some of his seconds. Mostly because they were way above his league and most of the talking I’ve nailed them has been about how Wayne was damn near a legally obligated pity fuck.

If you don’t listen to me, you’re going to make the same mistakes this time you’ve made every other time with every other woman. That being said, here are six of the biggest mistakes I’ve heard
other guys make that turn that relationship into a glorified one night stand.

Not Shaving First

not shaving first
Here’s the thing, those guys from that duck calling show….they’ve got it made. They are filthy rich and could probably get any woman they wanted. To top it off, the only time any of them have been near a gym is to replace a septic system or ask for directions to the gun show. They could just as easily sit and watch me do some dead lifting and see a real gun show.

All praising myself aside, from the seemingly endless number of woman I’ve been with if there is one thing I have learned about women it’s this. They love bringing out the tubes of edible lotions and jellies and all of that stuff. What they hate is to have to bring out the Neosporin from you cutting up her inner thighs with some pad of steel wool you’ve got stuck to your face.

I know that women look forward to being with me and that’s just the facts. I’ve got muscles growing on top of other muscles and my face is as smooth as a wet bar of soap. Whenever I’m sure that I’m going to be getting with a girl, which is pretty much all the time I make certain to put that razor to my face.

This guarantees you getting to have sex with this chick more than once for a few reasons. One, the last thing this woman wants is to have a nasty rash on her thighs from you taking in the buffet in downtown Vagina town. No matter how fast or deep that tongue darts back and forth across the little man in the boat, all she is going to remember is the sound of your beard scratching her.

Second, when I’m talking about shaving I’m not just talking about your face. Yep fellas, I’m talking about clearing away the thicket so the trees can be seen a lot easier. Think about it this way, this woman is probably going to go down on you at some point. I can think of a couple of situations where you might want to hear her gag, and from getting one of your unshaven man bush hairs caught in her throat is not one of them.

You don’t take care of the hair up there and down there; a woman will cross your name off of her “Fuck Again” list it’ll make your head spin.

Not Having A Good Sense Of Direction

no good sense direction
One thing I’ve learned in my time is that women want a man to take control. They don’t want some pity-fuck artist like my friend Wayne asking what to do. They want a guy that will take charge that knows where the hell he’s going. This means you should already know where you want to go without asking her!

Sure the lights may be down and you might not have the power of sight, but don’t go groping around like you’re in a dark room and you’re looking for the doorknob! Not having a good sense of direction is going to get you bounced quicker than you can say dumbbell curl.

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I wasn’t always so excellent with this. I must admit, manly as I may be my skills weren’t always to sharp. I couldn’t find my way around a woman with a map and a flashlight.

It’s so embarrassing but I feel the need to tell you so you don’t make this mistake. I was with this chick in high school. We were on the couch in her basement, parents out of town; all the right ingredients for a proper fuck fest. Lights are out and I’m running my hands all over her, or what I think is her. I’m talking eleven kinds of dirty and she looks down and asks me exactly what the hell I think I’m doing. I look down and I’ve got two fingers lodged in between the cushions of the damn couch! Needless to say, I didn’t get to complete the job I had intended on doing.

The point is, if you are going to be running your hands up and down a woman; make sure you have a good idea of where you want to go. Don’t go erratically running back and forth between tit and vag. Besides, you’ve been mentally undressing this woman for how damn long now you should know what route you want to take. Otherwise, you’re just going to end up fingering her couch.

A woman’s body isn’t that damn hard to figure out fellas. Everything is in the same places on every other woman.


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