6 Mistakes Men Make While Having Sex – Part 2

6 Mistakes Men Make While Having Sex - Part 2

Nudging Her Head Down

nudging head
Guys, if a woman is sitting on the couch with her head in your lap it’s pretty much a lock that you’re going to get laid if not get a little bit of stick to mouth action. As much as I tell you fellas to be men and take charge, this is one area where you should put your Alpha Attitude aside and let the chips fall where they may.Editor's Note: A Controversial New Video Is Showing Thousands Of Guys Around The World How To Get Laid On Facebook. Click Here To Learn 3 Facebook Seduction Tactics You Can Use TONIGHT.

Which means don’t start moving her head towards your junk. Ever. You want to screw yourself out of a night of hot sex? Start moving her head towards your twig and berries. Shit like that says to a woman that you expect it to happen and want to force the issue. Women are pretty particular with that shit.

An unexpected penis in a woman’s mouth is about as welcome as a tablespoon of salt on the tongue. Sure, if they are expecting it and were actually the ones to suggest it they’ll go at your bits with reckless abandon. However, you surprise them with a dick in the mouth and they’ll recoil and start gagging like they were friggin drowning. My advice, you got a woman that’s got her head down near your man parts; let it stay there. She’ll get to where you’re wanting her to go eventually.

Taking Ideas From Porn

taking ideas
Guys, women don’t mind it too much when some hunky guy like me or possibly you puts them up on the washing machine or the desk in the office. Hell, you might even get a lucky one that actually wants to watch porn with you.

Talk about a minefield. Too many guys think that every woman operates the way the porn chicks operate, that they want to be done in every hole, upside down hanging from a swing. Like I said earlier, you’ve got to not only have a good sense of direction around her body but her mind as well. This chick you are with may just want to watch porn to get turned on. But remember this men, its entertainment. You don’t go watch Superman and then try to jump off the side of a building do you?

The point is, no matter how manly you are that shit is somebody else’s fantasy. If you start acting out somebody else’s fantasies with this woman, she’s going to kick you to the curb faster than you can say award for best gang bang.

Thanking Her

thanks sex
Look, you want to be a man like me you’ve got to get a couple of things straight. No matter how surprised you are that something happened, you’ve got to be completely stone face and act like you knew the whole time. If the girl goes down on you in the car on the ride home from dinner, you better act like you knew that shit was going to happen or she will never do it again.

If she suddenly springs sex on you when the best you were hoping for is her hand to brush against the side of your penis, act like you knew that shit was going to happen! After sex, or any kind of sexual activity with a woman; don’t ever thank her. You say something stupid like thanks all that does is convey that you don’t have any confidence. You didn’t expect it to happen and you’re grateful.

Get a grip man! They know you’re grateful, they don’t want to hear it. You start thanking a woman for sex and that will get you knocked off of her “To Screw” list just for sounding like you didn’t have any confidence. Chicks don’t want some scrawny, mealy mouth little punk thanking them because it’s going to sound like this doesn’t happen to you often. Which means you sound like you really don’t know what the hell you are doing.

A way around making this mistake is when you’re lying there next to each other after, just say that was great. Sounds a lot manlier than “thank you for this sex we just had”.

Leaving Her To Deal With Cleanup

guy cleanup
Guys that are starting out in relationships, little bit of advice that you might be able to use if you stick with this chick a while. Women hate cleaning up after shit that they know isn’t their job. Think about it, how many people do you know in relationships where the woman takes out the garbage? Can’t think of any huh? It’s not manly to let a woman take out the garbage.

Which is why if you’re using the rubbers you picked up on the way over to her place, it’s your job to get rid of that shit after you two are done. You want to make sure a woman never has sex with you again? Lay there and just let your penis go flaccid with the condom attached like a windsock that you’re waiting for her to get rid of.

Women hate this for the same reason we don’t wanna deal with their tampon bullshit. It’s friggin gross. As a man, this condom situation is one mess that’s your job to clean up after. Doesn’t take but a minute or two, then you can pop back in bed and tell her how great she was and actually make sure that she has sex with you again.

By the way, it’s your job to get the towels. Make sure you’ve got one stashed under each side of the bed so no matter what side of the bed you are on after you can reach. And if she’s in need of cleanup, offer to do it for her. Covers that taking care of her needs stuff that women always like to beat us over the head with.


Alright fellas, it’s about time for me to hit the gym again. Before I split I want to say this, there’s a lot of mistakes that can be made in and around the bedroom with the ladies. But remember, if you just let your top head do the thinking and the lower one do the heavy lifting; you’ll get more than one crack at this woman. Think to yourselves, What Would Mike Do?

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