7 Tips For Seducing A Mature Woman – Part 1

7 Tips For Seducing A Mature Woman - Part 1

Well my friend, you’ve found yourself infatuated with a very attractive woman. Congrats, but there’s some things that you are probably wondering or need to know. You see, this woman is a little bit older than you; probably in the category that most would call mature or older.

You’ll be playing on the same general playing field with this woman except the rules are a little bit different. If you want to properly seduce a mature woman, you’re going to need some help and do things a little bit different than those younger chicks you were going after. Keep reading, because I’m going to give you a guide on how to properly seduce that mature woman you are going after.

Appreciate What She Has To Offer


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If you want to learn how to properly seduce a woman that is older than you, the first thing that you are going to have to realize is that you have to appreciate what she bring to the table with her. In other words, if she’s got a wrinkle here and there and she’s been around for another president or two than you; stop thinking about that right now.

Whatever you feel the situation is going to be between you and her, you have to stop thinking about whatever imperfections that the cruel hand of fate has dealt upon her. Instead, start thinking about the experiences that she is going to be able to share with you. Yes, this includes sexual experiences. A great deal of men seem to have this ridiculous thought in their heads that younger chicks are a better get. In some respects maybe. However, when it comes to the sex department younger chicks know next to nothing about getting down; just like you.

Although it’s pretty much accepted that learning how to properly seduce a more mature woman will involve getting some used to due to the fact that you have to start learning how to appreciate and recognizing her maturity; it is a huge step up. Trust me, there’s a big upgrade in several important places when it comes to getting with women older than you. For one thing, they aren’t going to excuse themselves to the powder room on a date to talk shit about you with friends that they saw walk in. They also aren’t going to spend the next two hours after a date talking about your ass to her friends.

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This will be a much welcome change to you over time, and this may come up more than once, you don’t have to deal with as much surface drama as you would with a younger chick.

Shower Her With Respect


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While learning how to seduce and older woman, please keep in in your head at all times that she will want to be respected and demand respect at times more often than some younger chick would. This is due to the fact that she has had more life experience.

Think about the following for a minute. You go out on a date with a chick that’s twenty years old. Unless her family is a group of space jockey astronauts, what has she really done? Not what places has she gotten drunk at without her parents knowing, but what has she really done? More than likely, she’s graduated high school and is in the middle of college. You take a woman that’s even fifteen years her senior, and god only knows what this woman has done. For all you know, she may have spent the past two years being an executive in a Fortune 500 company. Maybe she spent the better part of her twenties in the military or something like that.

People that have had more experience than some people will by nature command more respect. They feel it’s their right, and truth be told it is. Regardless of what the reason for her expecting
respect may be, she might be unwilling or even unhappy to open herself up to you if she feels you don’t respect her enough. That big story she’s waiting to share with you that will either make you laugh or fall right in love with her, you might not get that if you don’t show that you really respect her.

We’re not talking kissing her ass by any means. A woman of any age can see right through that shit. You may have to go just a small bit more out of your way to show her what a queen you think she is. Do not make her feel for one second like you are going out with her because you have no other choice. That kind of shit will not get you laid, it will probably just get you hit with a frying pan.

Show Her You’re Classy And Sophisticated


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If you want to learn how to seduce older women successfully, then it would be absolutely vital for you to maintain an air of intelligence, class and sophistication around them at all times. Older women have already experienced their share of bad dates back in the day, after all; so, if you want to seduce an older woman properly, then you will really have to turn the charm up a notch or two. Because women do not mind dating younger guys. What really bothers them is if your behavior makes you look like their younger brother.

Generally speaking, mature women won’t be interested in young horny boys who aren’t able to maintain a normal conversation every once in a while. Instead, they will want to find gentlemen who can talk about world events and politics and who can distinguish one type of wine to the next or at least pick a decent place to eat dinner in. So it couldn’t hurt you at all to sit down for a few minutes each day and watch CNN to at least get a general idea of what’s going on in the world. Have some subjects to talk about when the two of you are together that she will be able to identify with. Your last three girlfriends may have thought it was just cute how you would ramble on about Doctor Who for a half hour during dinner, this woman might feel like you sound like a damn six year old.

So, the smarter and the more sophisticated you seem, the quicker you will get to drag your older woman into the bedroom and isn’t that what you’re really after in the end?


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