Guide To Approaching A Woman (& Succeed) – Part 1


Some of you reading this might not be as smooth as a wet bar of soap.  Some of you might have all the subtlety of a logger’s chainsaw.  This drastically handicaps you when it comes to approaching women.  You are either too meek or come on too strong.  Here’s a few ways in which you can increase your chances of getting a woman’s attention.

1. Embrace Rejection

rejected2It ain’t that bad

Plain and simple: Your fear of rejection is your worst enemy yet it usually just doesn’t happen. The fact is, a beautiful woman won’t scream and run away from you. She won’t point you out to her friends and laugh. She won’t turn into a monster from hell and cut you down.  More often than not a woman will just politely say “no thanks” and thank you for the drink you just bought her, moving onto what she thinks is greener pastures.

The thing of it is, nobody has ever won anything without trying.  The greatest professional athletes in the world were once all the worst athletes in the world.  Michael Jordan didn’t make a spot on every team he tried out for growing up.  In fact, the greatest basketball player every probably got rejected for spots on teams more often than the average fan of the sport probably knows.  But you know what he did?  He drove himself past the fear of rejection and kept on trying.  Now he’s the guy in the underwear commercials.


Take a dive into the deep end, it ain’t that bad

The truth is, most attractive women will respond somewhere between neutral and positive to being approached because you’re doing something that makes them feel good. It’s flattering, exciting and fun, and for that reason alone you’ll almost never see a woman respond by getting upset, being rude or acting offended. So stop worrying about it, and stop letting fear of rejection ruin your chances before you even try.

If a woman does go plain nuts on you with her rejection of your romantic advances, chances are not all of her luggage has arrived at the station yet.  Unless somebody is a complete and total bitch, they’ll be nice like I said a moment ago.  So don’t worry, realize that nobody is perfect and keep trying.

2. Take Action Fast


Take action like this guy!

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Once a woman says, “OK, you can have my e-mail” which is usually her way of saying yes I would eventually like to eat a meal with you and possibly have sex with you, you need to be ready to act. Without fumbling or missing a beat, you need to pull out a pen and hand it to her, or yank out your iphone and be ready.

If you hem and haw and lag, she’ll immediately smell dork, and possibly change her mind.  Women like guys that look like they can react at a moment’s notice.  And don’t for god’s sake if a woman gives you her contact info enter it on your Iphone, then do nothing. Text or call her on the spot! If you don’t then, it says to a woman is that she’s expendable and you can press delete one time and never have to see it again.  A woman gives you a piece of paper with her number on it, you have to physically look at it as you’re throwing it away.

Like I said, just as she’s writing down her e-mail address, you tack on: “Oh, and be sure to write your name and number there, too…” By waiting until she’s in the middle of writing, you’ll get the rest of her info because, at this point, she’s already “committed.” She’s made an emotional decision to allow you to contact her, so she’s likely to just keep writing. And like magic, you have her name and number too.

Take Action Fast

This guy must be gay if he can’t tell this hot bitch wants to bang

I made the mistake of almost not acting fast one time.  I was sitting there chatting up with this girl and we had been talking for about a half hour when one of us posed the question of if going to a movie at that moment was an option. Surprisingly she said yes and we went to the cinema.

Coming out about two hours later, I was ready to drop her back off at the coffee shop where we had started speaking.  Either we had become so engrossed in the movie or something that when we were walking out to the car, in the few brief moments of silence while we were realizing how cold it was it struck me like a lightning bolt that somehow I had forgotten her name!  Yes, this woman that I wanted to meet up with again and I couldn’t remember what her goddamn name was.

So what I did was the epitome of acting fast and thinking on your feet.  I leaned up against the car, pulled out my phone.  Told her that I was about to put her phone number in my address book and needed to know how to spell her name.  It got me out of quite the jam.  Because nothing will get you slapped quicker than asking a woman what her name is after spending several hours sitting next to each other in a dark room.

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