Guide To Approaching A Woman (& Succeed) – Part 2


3. Be Prepared For Anything

rejected=on=facebook-1Next time say it’s a joke

Listen, probably half to two-thirds of the time, a woman will just write down her e-mail for you, no problem. In fact, it’s amazing how easily women will give out their e-mail addresses.  It’s not like years ago when giving out an email was a big deal.  It’s about as common as giving somebody you work with a stick of gum for Christ’s sake.

But of course, there will be a few times that you’ll meet with some resistance. A woman will say something like, “I don’t give out my e-mail to people I don’t know,” or “I don’t even know you,” and so on. When it happens, be ready with a joke.  My favorite is “don’t worry, I will promise to only email you every five minutes for the next several weeks”.  Serves as a good icebreaker.  Or you might have to just be ready to move on to the next girl.

MGgirlproblemsBecause sometimes her head might just explode

Remember, the goal here is to get as many email addresses  and phone numbers  possible to follow up on later, not to get as many dates as you can right there on the spot.  Dates rarely actually come about spontaneously during the first meeting.  The girl herself wants to make sure she is not going out with a complete jackass so she wants to her how he reacts in a limited one on one social setting.  So if she’s nice enough she is going to give you these first few chances to show that you’re a nice enough guy to spend the day with.  This process may take several weeks but in the end it will pay off.  Think of it as a reality show where you’re the prize and nobody is watching.

4.Practice, Practice, Practice


Enough said

Like coaches always say;  The best offense if a good defense.  And the best way to build one is to practice until it’s second nature.  If you take a plan of action and dismiss it after it fails one time, you’re never going to get anywhere.  Because you never know when it is going to take two tries or a hundred to get something right, you need to keep going at it until you finally get in good with a woman.

In other words, don’t wait until you’re in the situation to realize that you don’t know how to handle something. Take some time to imagine exactly what it’s going to be like when you ask a woman for her e-mail/number. Imagine where you’ll do it, how you’re going to be standing. Practice what you’re going to say out loud, and imagine what she’s going to say back. Rehearse how you’re going to take out the pen and hand it to her, how you’re going to answer any objections that she gives you.  Know what she is going to say before she says it.  Hell, show her up by saying what she is going to say for her.


You’ll be amazed, after you practice enough, how smoothly and easily you’ll do it during the real deal.  But you have to practice.  This also falls into taking care of your fears of rejection.  Part of practice is accepting the fact that more often than not you aren’t going to get things right.  You’re going to fumble for the pen and forget it’s in the wrong pocket or something that may make you look like a complete goon.

5. Don’t Try To Score Every Time

got-laid-1Did you just get laid?

This is such an important concept. When you’re getting a woman’s e-mail and number, do not try to win the whole game with a single toss. In other words, do not try to convince her to marry you right there on the spot. Don’t ask typical stupid questions like, “Do you have a boyfriend?” Don’t even ask her out.

It’s sort of the same principle where some people argue that watching too much porn screws with what guys think women want sexually.  Sure, they eventually want you to start going down on them like there is no tomorrow.  They also want you to at least kiss them first.  If you try too damn hard each time to end up in a woman’s apartment at the end of the night you’re going to be left high and dry.

Don’t Try To Score Every Time

I can punch buttons faster than Bruce Lee can punch… wanna fuck?

Most guys make the mistake of talking themselves into rejection by going for it all. They go on and on about where they’ll go on a date, how much fun they’re going to have on the date and so on. But all of this just creates awkwardness, pressure and resistance, so don’t do it.

Take things slow and remember that you’re supposed to be having fun.  You ever see those guys that go for an evening of bowling with their mates and get unbelievably pissed when they throw a gutter ball.  These are the same type of guys that have trouble with approaching a woman and eventually getting laid.  Because they fail to realize that even though they are currently playing the same game they would be playing, there’s no reason to go at things as hard.  You’re supposed to be having a good time, not beating your head against a goddamn wall!

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Approaching women isn’t really as hard as some people may lead you to believe.  All you really need to do is be yourself and to always be prepared.  Don’t be so damn scared of your own shadow either.   Don’t be your own worst enemy and you’ll do just fine.

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