The Manly Guide To Rocking Her World In Bed

Since the beginning of time it seems, there have been guides written by every ancient culture as it pertains to the romantic arts. From the Kama Sutra to the book under the shelf in the library in the movie American Pie, men have wanted to know how to please their women beyond belief.

It’s not as hard as one would think. In reality, all you have to do is keep in mind some very specific points. Here are just a few of them.

Understanding Her G-Spot


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It’s a common piece of knowledge that to give some women a mind altering orgasm that you have to come into contact with a part of her body known as the G-spot. Problem is, most guys seem to be all thumbs when it comes to finding it. Many guys think that finding a woman’s G-spot is like trying to locate a flaming unicorn being ridden by a bunny through a rainbow. Trust me, it’s not.

This particular spot actually exists fellas. It’s actually a mass of spongy tissue that surrounds a woman’s urethra. For some ladies, stimulating that spot will lead directly to an ejaculatory orgasm. You hit a woman’s G-spot and she could start having orgasms that last upwards of several minutes and cause her to make such noise that the neighbors call the cops for fear someone is being beaten to death in your apartment.

The Secret To Giving Her An Explosive Orgasm


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Now that you know where it is and what it does, how do you make your woman have one of these earth shattering, window breaking orgasms? Well, it starts by not first going to the G-spot. I know it may seem like the right thing to do. However, your lady will need a bit of warming up. You are going to need to offer up a good bit of foreplay before you start venturing downstairs.

A good rule of thumb is to not go anywhere near her vaginal area for several minutes. The reason is simple. Everything in a person’s body is connected. You take a small bite on the side of her neck, it will send impulses rushing down to her most intimate of areas. You send enough signals down there it is like walking with socks across a carpet. You will build up enough of a charge that when you finally place the slightest of touches down there it will send a shock going through her whole body that may very well give her an orgasm from the tip of your finger just grazing her down there.

Think of it like this way. When you were a kid and you sat for days wondering what was in those little wrapped boxes under the Christmas tree and how excited you were when you finally opened them; it’s essentially the same feeling on a mental scale.

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking


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Now that you’ve got her primed and ready to go, it’s time to give her the time of her life. Now that you know where the G-spot is, start lightly stroking the area with your fingers. Take great care to make sure that you give the lightest of touches. Remember, if you go at this too hard the pain will override the flood of endorphins she should be experiencing and she will think you are trying to claw out her vagina with your bare hands.

Every woman is different and it will probably not take you long to figure out which pattern works best for your woman. The most basic one is a typical circular pattern. Whatever the pattern is, if you can feel her muscles begin to contract than you are doing everything right. Most importantly, do not deviate from the pattern. Once you’ve found a pattern that works for a woman, be sure to keep to it. The slightest change will mess her up and it’s like hitting a reset button causing all of your hard work to go to waste.

Slowly Increase The Pace


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Once you’ve got her wrapped around your little finger, so to speak, you can start being a little more aggressive with what you are doing. Once she is in a state of hyper arousal, you should vary your technique when possible. Even something as simple as bending your fingers while performing the same stroke will slightly alter the pressure that is being put on her and it will feel like an entirely new method while the whole time you are pretty much doing the same thing.

Talking Dirty


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For women, a mind blowing orgasm has to be a full sensory experience. While you are doing all of this, talk to her. Tell her how much all of this is turning you on. Tell her what to do. Because she is in such a heightened state of arousal, her inhibitions are going to be practically nonexistent. You can give her the best orgasm of her life if you add just a few well-placed words into the equation.

Words Of Warning


Because of this newfound power you wield over women, you have to be very careful with how you use it. As much as you may want to, you probably shouldn’t go around giving every woman you are with earth shattering orgasms.

If you satisfy a woman on a certain level, there will be a connection made on her end. She will think that you were doing it because of some deep rooted affection for her. When in reality, you were just doing it to show off. Some woman get clingy, and trust me you do not want some crazy woman following you around that you were really interested in spending just the night with because you made her orgasm to hard it caused the dogs down the street to start barking. Be careful, with great power comes great responsibility.

There are certainly a million more ways then what I just mentioned to give a woman an earth shattering orgasm. The one I gave you is the most basic. You’ll have to sort of learn as you go along, but with some of these basic techniques you won’t be grasping at straws. Or vaginas.

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