5 Ways To Tell She’s Ready To Have Sex – Part 1

5-Ways-To-Tell-She’s-Ready-To-Have-Sex-–-Part-1Men are given signs for almost everything we do in this world.  Signs telling us that it’s alright to traverse our cars across busy intersections, signs telling us that if we say a particular thing to our bosses at work that we’ll be spending the weekend working on some project of complete insignificance  to our lives instead of going out and doing what we like.

In this case getting to know and attempting to have sex with as many women as humanly possible.  Just like driving a car, there’s ways to tell if you should have sex with the woman you’re sitting across from.

1. Do You Get The Vibe You Want To Have Sex With Her?

doesshe1Does she do this?

This will probably be the easiest signal to pick up on.  It’s quite simple and tap into our primal sensibilities that we never even really notice are there.  Quite simply, do you want to have sex with this woman?  It may seem like a simple point of contention but it some ways it can actually be quite a difficult signal to interpret at times.  Think of it this way, at a party you’ve likely got all manner of women that you can pick and choose from if you play the game right.

Remember though, most women will not go for a guy that’s instantly looking for a one night stand.  You have to remember that there are consequences for any action.  You may think you want to have sex with the woman but in the end you may have to deal with an annoying as hell conversation afterwards, or for some of you the bigger nightmare of her wanting to get together again later in the week.  If you really want to have sex with a woman, you’ll be listening with both heads instead of just the one that’s looking for someplace warm.

doesshe3And this?

2. Do You Get The Vibe She Wants To Have Sex With You?

doesshe4   She actually wants to have sex with me

Did she come up to you first?  Is she paying a lot more attention to you during the opening conversation than you are normally used to getting from a woman?  Ladies can generally tell like most men the first time they make eye contact with a guy whether or not they want to get down with them.

If she’s doing stuff like getting up to get you another beer without you asking, or placing hands strategically on parts of your body completely unsolicited; there stands to reason that she wants to ditch wherever you two happen to be and get down as soon as humanly possible.  With woman, a great deal of body language is involved.  If her body language is doing an inordinate amount of talking, her body is trying to say that she wants your body and hers to do a bit more talking.

doesshe2Yup, she definitely wants to have sex with me

So keep your eyes peeled and your ears open.  While you may be trying to figure out in your head the best way to get her from where you are at right now to a comfortable bed, or the uncomfortable beat seat of an automobile; she may be actually coming onto you and you don’t even realize it.  Keep your head on a swivel.

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