5 Ways To Tell She’s Ready To Have Sex – Part 2


3. Do You Both Like Each Other On A Non-Sexual Level?

love1 Make sure you like her, as in like her

What’s your motive?  Seriously, is it just to claim a trophy or just to get laid? If it’s one of the other, the first two are really the only ones that apply to your case.  But if you’re one of those guys that’s out looking for some kind of eventual relationship, you’re going to have to pay attention to this one really closely.

We’ve all had those conversations with women where we think to ourselves that if we had to wake up the next morning next to them we’d chew our arms off to get away because once they’ve made us come there really isn’t that much more to offer.  Besides, any guy that’s worth anything and has at least some self respect won’t get in bed with a girl without at least knowing her first name.

loveAs long as her sister looks like you, it’s all good

We may not freely admit it amongst our male friends, but we’re all looking for the long haul woman at some point.  The woman who will stick with us long after we’ve worn out our sexual playbooks with them several times over.  Over the course of time, if all you’ve got is the sex eventually you’re going to hit a roadblock and split.  It’s simply because you’ve got nothing else going for yourselves but the sex and that train has long since left the station.

So one thing to keep mind of is do you like the woman on a level that has nothing to do with sex?  Does she stimulate the top head as well as the bottom one?  Does she like you in the same manner.  If you get the vibe that all she wants from you is to ride you until you are bone dry, it might be a good idea to stay away unless that’s exactly the thing you are looking for.  Because if it was that easy for you, it’s that easy for everyone else she comes in contact with.

4. Has She Laid Out Her Boundaries?

boundaries1 Me too

Despite what many of us that believe we are the second coming of Don Juan De Marco tend to think, we aren’t in control of anything when it comes to a sexual encounter.  Bottom line is, when it comes to a great many of decisions of what actually goes on in the bedroom; we have about as little to do with it as most of us do with knowing how to operate a space station.

Sure, we may blaze the path from the first date all the way to the point where we’ve actually got a woman naked in our presence ready to get down.  That’s right where it stops.

Look back to the last big conversation you and your male friends may have had about sexual encounters with your various lady friends.  Every single one of them, every single time there has been an almost excessive use of the word “let”.  As in, “the girl let me do this” or “the girl let me do that”.  The reason that you may have got to perform some act that would normally be reserved for a pay per view broadcast is the fact that she was the ultimate decision maker.  She decided to LET you do whatever it may have been because it fell within her boundaries.

boundariesBoundaries are needed

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If things in a relationship are moving along enough where sex may be on the horizon for the two of you, it might be a good idea to have a brief conversation asking her what some of her likes and dislikes are.  If you don’t, you’re no different to a trapeze artist working without a net.  One false move, one wrong twitch of the finger and you’re splat on a cold cement floor with no chance for a do over.

You go into any sexual encounter and not take the time to ask a woman what her sexual deal breakers are and all she will be thinking is that she hopes you don’t try to do that one thing she doesn’t like.

She’ll let you do it, but just that one time.  She may grant you that free pass and see how far you go without screwing up.  You find a woman that doesn’t like getting her hair pulled for example and begin to yank with the seeming intentions of not stopping until a chunk comes out in your hand; you won’t get that chance again.

It’s not so much the fact that you pulled her hair.  It’s that you didn’t take the time to ask to see what she liked and didn’t like.  Even in today’s society, the bedroom is one of the places where a woman can unequivocally be in charge.  You take any power away from anyone and they are bound to be resentful.  So if you’ve made sure where exactly to step firm and where to tread lightly, go right ahead.  If you haven’t, you’re proceeding at your own peril.

5. Do You Know Where You Stand With Her?


Have you been put in the friend zone?  Does she look at you as more of a brother figure that she just happens to enjoy spending lots of time with?  All of these considerations need to be put into place before broaching the subject of having sex with a woman.

You only get one shot when it comes to bringing the sex part of a relationship up.  You don’t get a second chance to initiate.  If you don’t hit a bullseye on the first time around, you’re likely not going to get a second.  And if you happen to be one of those guys that she considers to be a wonderful friend, she’s going to figure that you’re upset at the fact that she spurned your romantic advances and are going to pout and not be such a good friend.

So it’s of absolutely great importance that you know for certain that you’re not stuck in the line of guys that she happens to know that she thinks are cool and nothing more.  This has little to nothing to do with my earlier point where you get the vibe she wants to have sex with you.  It has more to do with where she sees herself when it comes to you in the picture.

friendzone2This guy needed to read this article

Despite what some guys may believe, not every woman will have sex with you at the drop of a hat.  Some women are actually looking for a long term deal and won’t dole out anything unless she’s sure that she’s certain that you’re not a person she’s going to regret the next morning or even an hour later.

Women have the ability to be picky, because all the guys are coming for her.  It’s basic supply and demand that they teach people on the first day of business school.  So before heading down that road, make sure you know whether you’re in the starting lineup or one of her backup utility players.


In closing, I just want to stress that every case is different and no two results will be the same.  Some of you will have instant physical connections with a woman and not have anything to talk about.  Some of you will get to the same road in the opposite manner.  Either road you’re going down, just make sure you’re paying attention to the signals and everything will work out fine.

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