4 Point Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide – Part 1

4 Point Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide - Part 1

It’s an unfortunate fact that not every relationship is going to have the guy and the girl practically sitting on top of each other every day. Alright, giggle and get your head out of the gutter.

If I can be serious for a second, there’s a million reasons why people enter into long distance relationships. Maybe they met online. Perhaps they were together and have to weather the storm of a temporary distance for work or school. Either way, the shit can work. Trust me, it can. Here’s a few things to consider to help you bridge the gap for the time being.

Talk Before One Of You Moves


long 1

Unless you’ve met online, than the number one reason for a long distance relationship is that one of you has some pressing school or work commitment that can’t be handled in town. Maybe one of you is in the military and is going to be shipped to the other side of the world for a while. No matter what the reason for the distance, it’s something that’s going to have to be talked about.

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It’s extremely important. Take for example this co-worker I had once. He and this chick had been with each other for about nine months and they weren’t showing any signs of stopping. One day, he got a notice from the office that they were going to have to send him out of the country to set up some foreign operation. He told the girl one day over lunch.

She wasn’t mad, but she was unbearably depressed for a few days. In her mind, the way he told her it was like he had given her a date and time in advance that he was going to be breaking up with her.

The two are actually married now, so I’ll say that this one had a happy ending. I told him that what he needed to do was sit down and tell her that for one thing, he didn’t necessarily want to do this but they could make things work. He then went on to explain to her that all the extra money he was going to be making from having to go out of country for a while was going to be put towards building their future even higher.

She was eventually calmed down about it. However, if you’re with a chick and there is any possibility that the two of you might have to spend extended periods of time away from her; it might be
best to have the conversation with her before the move is actually looming near.

Plan How Often You’ll Talk And Use Technology


long 2

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times; the stigma behind long distance relationships is because people still have somewhat of an 1880’s mindset in connection with the distance. They think that if you put more than an hour’s driving time in between a guy and a girl shit is going to fall apart. I mean after all, how will they communicate?

People tend to forget that long distance relationships are exponentially easier to deal with now when they are twenty years ago. What methods did you have twenty to twenty five years ago to communicate with a person? You had the phone, writing them a letter or seeing them in person. That was literally all a person had to keep the glue sticking together in a long distance relationship.

Now, people really don’t have too much to bitch about. In between hyper fast internet that allows you to see the person clearer than if they were in the room with you, you aren’t limited. If it’s the middle of the afternoon and she’s having a bad day, the two of you can text back and forth. Hell, if you’ve got an IPhone she can literally sit and eat lunch with you; provided your office Wi-Fi is strong enough.

One guy I know bridged this communication gap pretty cleverly. He had a setup where he could play a movie or a television show remotely to multiple computers at the same time. He and his girl while he was away would turn on their video chat and watch a movie together. It wasn’t the same as curling up with the chick by any means, but it was enough for what they could do at the time.

The other thing with communicating is that you have to plan how often the two of you are going to talk. Its one thing to trade texts back and forth during the day but there’s going to have to be some kind of schedule that you guys have some serious convo time for this shit to work. If you keep things scattered as to how often you are going to talk, then she’s going to start questioning how well this whole thing is going to end up.


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