4 Point Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide – Part 2

4 Point Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide - Part 2

Plan Visits


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Especially if this distance is a situation that is going to end up resulting in the two of you being back together in the same space anyway, it doesn’t hurt to have her visit once every now and again. Look at it this way, treat the time that you have to be apart from each other physically as you being in prison. Her coming to visit will be as welcome of a happening to the both of you as if you were locked up.

This is something else that if the distance is caused after you have been together for some time should be talked about when you sit down and have the talk with her about you having to go. Remember, your woman is going to feel like she’s being abandoned. Prove her ass wrong by making a point to plan specific times that the two of you see each other so that she doesn’t feel like you are just using this as a respite away from her. Chicks tend to think that sometimes.

What you do is at the beginning of each month you are away from each other, plan specific times that she comes into whatever town you are temporarily quartered in until the two of you can be permanently united again. I know that if you’re on the other side of the country or the world this might happen to be a bit harder than if you live an hour’s drive away, but then again that doesn’t really classify as a long distance relationship to begin with.

If you can swing it, every other weekend is a good amount of time to spend together because you won’t be completely breaking the bank on either side. And for god’s sake, split the traveling up. If at all possible switch off going back to where she is. You make a woman do all of the traveling and this will create a whiplash effect that will cause her to think that you are starting to treat the relationship in a different light than you had previously and she’s just some ass on standby that you fly in on the weekends. The one thing you definitely do not need is resentment of any kind.

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If you’re one of those happening business types that has to fly a lot for work, here’s how you solve this problem. Chances are you really don’t need the extra legroom and the extra cost of the business class or first class seats. Unless you’re on a trans-oceanic flight of course, but I digress.

Anyway, keep your travel miles balance high so that when the time comes for you and your woman to have to temporarily depart physical company for great deals of time; show her how serious you are about the relationship by doing the following. If you’re going to be gone for six months, book in advance before you leave every plane ticket she’s going to need to come see you for the entire time you are gone. This of course is only a case of extreme rarity, but I hope it shows that with a little bit of planning you can see each other almost as often as if you were right there.

You’re Going To Fight


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No three ways around it guys, the two of you are going to argue with each other. You’re going to argue about her not having anyone to go to the office party with, you’re going to argue because you forgot to charge your phone and she couldn’t text you all day, basically anything is up for contention here.

A female colleague of mine that happens to be a successful survivor of a long distance relationship told me once that her and her man would almost always fight, like clockwork, the night before either one of them flew out for a weekend visit. Initially she took this to mean that they couldn’t last longer than a couple of weeks without seeing each other.

Over time, poor woman was stick in this situation for about a year, they both learned that if they ran out of things to talk about or the slightest aversion to the other’s opinion came up that they would end up fighting. One night they actually argued over what episode of Seinfeld to watch online together. She said that at the time she felt like she was the one being put through this and that he should assent to what she wanted more. Which is wrong since you need good back and forth in any relationship to begin with.

First of all, you are going to have to get comfortable with the fact that the two of you can have an extremely happy relationship while fighting and being forevermore pissed off at each other. Guess what, arguing is normal. Even the most happy of couples argue about something. Shit, one time I got into an argument about what wattage of light bulb to put in a living room lamp! Fighting isn’t that big of a deal, provided the two of you float back to base camp soon enough anyway. Hell, I’d be more worried of a man and a woman if they never fought about anything. Think of Ned and Maude Flanders from The Simpsons, those were some creepy goddamn people because they never fought about anything.

My advice would be to try and bypass the fights as much as possible though. If you can feel one coming on don’t feed into it. You feel something like that coming on, calmly tell the chick that the last thing you want to have the two of you say to each other that evening is something mean and that you’re going to go to bed. Make sure after you hang up to send her a message saying how much you miss her so she knows you’re not just using this as an excuse to get the hell out of there for the night.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you can plan properly and be each other’s own support system, then you can make a long distance relationship work!


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