5 Things You Must Know When Dating Younger Women – Part 1

5 Things You Must Know When Dating Younger Women - Part 1

There are a great many right thinking people in the world that only see age as a number. If you’re reading this, then good for you as you are one of them. You have probably been talking to this girl for a while and maybe taken her out on a date or two. You really want to go exclusive but you’ve got this one mental block, she’s quite younger than you.

First I say, whether it be the man that’s younger or the woman that’s younger screw what other people think. However, if you want to make this relationship truly work there’s some things you are simply going to have to know. Here are some of them.

Never Lecture Or Preach


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This is of utmost importance. It’s pretty damned easy to fall into the trap of acting like you’re the world’s foremost expert on everything when dating a woman that is considerably younger than you are. While it may be a good idea at the right moments to present your maturity and wisdom; it’s as equally a horrible one to play daddy just because you’ve got a few more years on earth than she does.

One of the worst possible things you can say in this situation is that she’ll understand when you’re older. That won’t be received very well. For starters, no woman enters into an exclusive relationship thinking that the guy is just going to be some test run for her to figure out how the damn track works. You say something like that and it just screams to her that you aren’t going to be with her when she is old enough to understand.

The girl is seeking someone who is secure and stable on a financial level as well as emotionally, if she wanted to listen to lectures she’d be talking with one of her parents. Offering advice on particular matters is one thing, like how to handle a troublesome family member; but stepping over the line and giving her a speech that makes it feel like the next words are going to be act your age is just going to end things before the even begin.

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Look, you know damn well that people at her age don’t particularly have their ears tuned to life lessons. It wasn’t that long ago that you thought you were ten feet tall and bulletproof. If you do want to become the professor and hold lectures, make sure they are in the bedroom. Nothing wrong with showing her what your advantage on her in experience has taught you there.

Be Constantly Upbeat


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Younger girls haven’t had the experience of life completely hitting them in the face. Girls in their twenties haven’t even been given the chance to become bitter yet. Their typical routine consists of things that are fun and passionate. Given what we know about the human maturation process, it’s a sad ass state of affairs but it’s the blunt truth.

Have you ever actually sat down and wondered why when you were her age why you thought you were invincible? It’s because nothing bad had happened to you yet. Same thing with her. The girl you are with probably loves to smile and laugh, only has a few nominal responsibilities and her whole routine probably revolves around the notion of having a good time. Nothing wrong with this at all, but at where you are right now in the circle of life you’ve probably picked up a good bit of natural bitterness. You may have already experienced some of the lower points of life and conquered them like a Viking.

That being said you already have the life experience that has made you the hardened individual you have become today. It also means that you might be at odds on certain occasions with this young girl that you are with. It is of absolute importance when dating younger women that you retain a semblance of a positive attitude. Be as bright and happy looking as you can. It might be painful to have to force a smile when your boss chewed your ass at work when the worst thing that happened to her that day is the movie she wanted wasn’t at the Redbox machine; but she does have attributes that more than make up for your putting on a fake smile.


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