5 Ways Some Guys Are Woman Attracting Ninjas – Part 1

5 Ways Some Guys Are Woman Attracting Ninjas - Part 1
There are plenty of guys in the world that proclaim to be ninjas in any given field that you can imagine. There are Call of Duty ninjas. Guys that are ninjas when it comes to auto repair. However, there are few actual ninjas. It’s become more or less a buzzword at this point for being ridiculously good at something. Of course with that being said there are guys that are ninjas in the art of attracting women. Here’s some of the things these highly skilled masters use.

They Look Their Absolute Best

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We love with our hearts, but first we lust with our eyes. As much as people like to say that looks don’t matter, a person’s looks are actually the first thing that many people notice. Whether it’s their eyes, smile, hair or all of them combined, it’s important to look our best. Whenever you are around this girl, make sure you make yourself presentable. Do your hair, shave and use your best cologne. Don’t forget to dress to impress!

Think of it like this, we all have that one friend in our group that gets a ridiculous amount of tail and then we have that other friend that gets so little he should almost go on government assistance to help him get some. What’s the difference between these two guys?

Well, the first one who has it running hot and cold is the guy I described. Even if he is going out to a movie with the guys he knows that the opportunity to talk up a chick could strike at any moment. So even if he’s not dressed in a tuxedo he’s got himself looking presentable enough that the girl’s friends don’t think that she is about to make the mistake of going out with the town hobo.

Then you got the other guy. Maybe it’s a self-esteem issue or maybe he’s just god damned lazy, but he goes everywhere dressed like he’s ready for a night of dumpster diving as opposed to diving for other more desirable locations. He’s not going to get any, at least not any that’s worth getting got. It doesn’t take a whole hell of a lot to look halfway decent.
You will feel a lot better being around women knowing that you look great. It will be a major confidence booster and you won’t be worrying every minute that you have bad breath or that your hair looks bad because you fixed those problems beforehand. So brush your teeth and find a shirt that doesn’t have a cheese stain on it and you will increase your chances drastically.

They Compliment With Sincerity


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Girls love being complimented. However, that’s generally limited to when the guy means it. Despite how well and fine tuned you may think your skills are, most of us don’t have our skills sharpened to the point where we can’t escape the clutches of a woman’s bullshit detector. It’s important to compliment her, because after all you want to make her feel special. But don’t give her a general compliment or try to pick her up with a line that will offend her. Give her a compliment that is true and honest, something that she will remember. Tell her something that will touch her heart in the best way possible. You don’t want to say something general such as You have nice eyes. Say something unique and creative!

While pickup lines may get your foot in the door as far as ice breakers go; they should be avoided with all cost when it comes to actually complimenting a woman. If you go up to a woman and you’ve been talking longer than three minutes and bust out a pickup line that is meant to be a compliment, you might want to duck down when you start saying it so she has a harder time slapping the hell out of you.

People can tell when what somebody is saying is contrived and could possibly have been said to a hundred other women. If you are going to compliment her hair for example, compliment her hair. Don’t just bust out a generic compliment. Say that shit with meaning and conviction and you’re halfway home. At least you’ve shown you’ve got some conviction.

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