5 Ways Some Guys Are Woman Attracting Ninjas – Part 2

5 Ways Some Guys Are Woman Attracting Ninjas - Part 2

They Are The Right Kind Of Funny


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Women love a guy who can make her laugh, so a good sense of humor is a very important thing to show to the girl you are looking to impress. However, when you are trying to be funny there are a lot of different ways you can go.Editor's Note: A Controversial New Video Is Showing Thousands Of Guys Around The World How To Get Laid On Facebook. Click Here To Learn 3 Facebook Seduction Tactics You Can Use TONIGHT.

You can be dirty funny which will turn a girl off to you right away most of the time. Sure, on occasion it’s alright to bust out the dirty jokes in front of a woman. But you’ve really got to pick your spots in that regard. Despite how out there or as much of a free spirit as some women claim to be, they just don’t want to hear dick jokes every five minutes. Especially if you are just getting to know a woman. Then all they are thinking is if you are like that all the time. If you get an eye roll and not a laugh, switch to some lighter material.

You can then be the kind of funny where you are the only one laughing at your jokes. Self-deprecating humor is great because it shows you are thick skinned and can take a joke that’s directed at you when comes your way. Remember, any time a woman is talking to you and you haven’t met her parents yet she is secretly and very quietly testing to see how her parents will take you. And they know that their folks, especially dad is going to be a bit critical of someone that intends on eventually penetrating his little girl
And then there is the kind of funny where you are being appropriate but not dry and you both are having a great time laughing together. This is usually the safest course of action to take although you may not get the biggest laughs. Which shouldn’t matter because you aren’t out to get laughs. You’re out to get laid!

They Are Confident


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No girl will be impressed by a shy guy that isn’t showing a single ray of confidence. If you are nervous, don’t let it show. She may be nervous too but she probably isn’t letting it show and if she is, that’s okay for girls. You have to really put your game face on if you are particularly nervous about talking to a chick that you really want to get with.
You know that you’re scared shitless, but you have to walk up to her with the appearance that you already know the outcome of the conversation. You have to go up to her fully believing that by the end of the night if you aren’t getting laid there’s at least a window in the near future. You go up looking like a scared mouse and the woman will shut you down like the Americans shut down their government.

However, you need to show her that you like her and if you act shy and distant, she may get the wrong idea. Show up with something sweet that will make her smile such as flowers and start talking right away. Do your best to not to let there be too many awkward moments or silences. Talk about what you do for a living and don’t try to hide it if it’s not exactly what you want to be doing right now. Tell her about your plans in the future, such as what you want to do with your career and schooling.
But don’t ramble. A guy that rambles on runs the risk of tipping his hand to the woman that he’s a nervous wreck and is just riding the wave hoping that it doesn’t send him crashing into the rocks on shore. Which can happen quite easily. Just remember, talk to this woman like you already know you’re going to get laid without overtly saying it and you’ll do fine. Confidence is as big of a turn on to women as large breasts and nice asses are to men.

They Don’t Say The First Thing That Comes To Mind


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Always think before you talk to her. When you just talk without thinking about what you are saying, chances are you are going to say something that isn’t so bright. Or you’ll say something that will end up embarrassing you to where you will feel weird for the rest of the time that you are with her. And in turn she will feel weird. Then you’ll end up looking like that awkward conversation they always show during some party scene of a teenage coming of age movie. It breaks my heart to see stuff like this and I just want to grab the poor bastard and tell him to learn when to shut his friggin trap.

Any guy can talk to a girl but not all guys can talk to her a girl and impress her by the things he is saying. Talk about things that will interest her and be sure you talk more about her than you do herself. Ask her questions and let her answer for as long as she wants to. You’ll get your chance. If a woman wants to get to know you, eventually she will stop going on about herself and start asking about you. Until she gives the signal, let her keep going.

Don’t interrupt her when she is talking either. Just always think about what you are saying and listen to her when she speaks and you should be just fine. If you feel the need that you have to step in and say something, keep your interruption to two words or less. A simple no way, or wow will lull a woman into thinking that you’re actually listening to what she has to say instead of trying to improve your next great zinger off the top of your head.


You rarely get access to a good list of secrets that these dating ninjas that are apparently all around us use to get laid on what seems like an hourly basis. Some of us have a lot to learn, and some of us need to sharpen our swords just a little bit before we go into battle. Either way, learn to trust your senses and you will be well on your way to becoming a dating ninja.


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