5 Ways To Handle Really Awkward Situations As A Man – Part 1


We’ve all been there: The Awkward Situation.

“Hey, how’s your grandma? I heard the operation was a success.”

“My grandma died six months ago.”

Whoops! Looks like you’ve slipped up again. (You knew you shouldn’t have started a conversation by asking someone how his grandma was; why do you even care?)

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Awkward situations can come about when you least expect it. That is why they are, well, awkward. If you knew that you were going to be creating an awkward situation you probably would try to avoid it or find a way around it. This is why in most cases you are not prepared when an awkward situation arises and might find yourself off balance and not knowing what to say or how to react.

The levels of how bad an awkward situation is can vary greatly. Bringing up an ex lover, dead relative, or person you did not know the person you were talking to strongly disliked, can all create different levels of awkwardness.

No matter how awkward a situation, there are ways to escape (or at least limit) just how uncomfortable everyone is at the time.

Here are a few tactics for dealing with awkwardness to keep in mind when such a situation arises unexpectedly.

1. Confront The Awkwardness

   awkward9       Just join in!

In certain situations, it’s better to acknowledge something is awkward and try to work through it than to pretend nothing is weird. Silence can be deafening, and there’s no silence more deafening than the awkward silence (if that makes any sense).

Silence helps no one and does not do anything to solve the problem. Think about it. By remaining silent all that you and the person you are dealing with are doing is allowing the awkwardness to continue. This helps no one, all it does is lead to the situation becoming more and more and more awkward.

If you can break the silence with a joke (as long as said joke will not make things even more awkward, which you should be careful about since that might very well be the case), then it might be a good idea to implement such a tactic. Or you can just acknowledge directly what is awkward and work through it with the opposing party. This is definitely better than silence or avoidance.

awkward7Confront that bitch

For example if you bring up your friend’s ex and things get awkward, slyly direct the conversation to another topic. Don’t just sit there doing nothing. Silence will only serve to make the situation worse.

Avoid the awkward silence at all cost! It is perhaps your greatest enemy in the battle against the uncomfortable! Remember: Silence solves nothing!

2. Be Sincere

awkward2Seriously, you’re not that fat

One potentially awkward situation that arises is when a friend’s loved one has died. It’s never easy to know what to say. (NOTE: It can be worse to just pretend that nothing has happened if a friend’s loved one has died. This can create an awkward situation when you are trying to avoid such a situation.)


They are sincerely trying to not look like perves

The most important thing to do is to remain sincere. It’s okay to ask questions. Don’t use phony phrases like, “He lived a full life,” or, “You have to remember the good times.” Everyone knows saying things like this is fake and the grieving party has heard these lines a million times before. Just be sincere and genuine. Offer a hug if it feels right.

NOTE: Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, force a hug on someone if it is going to make the situation—it will make the situation even more awkward. Some people just do not like to be hugged!

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