5 Ways To Handle Really Awkward Situations As A Man – Part 2


3. Change The Subject

In some circumstances, it’s better to just change the subject. If there really isn’t an underlying issue that needs to be addressed, find something new to talk about.

Let’s talk about football“Let’s talk about football.” (This works if you’re in America since all Americans love football.”)

This tactic will often work if both parties immediately realize that they just do not want to talk about the awkward issue. Bring about a topic that is very light and that you both enjoy, but also something that you can both talk about for a minute or two. If you don’t have enough to say about the topic you bring up, a one or two sentence conversation could serve to amplify how uncomfortable the situation between you and the other person is going to be going forward.

awkward10Hey show us your graduation photo again? How about no…

4. Humor

When things are so awkward and can’t seem to get any worse, just tell an awful joke! (As mentioned under Tactic No. 1.) Your joke will seem so out of place that (hopefully) the person you’re dealing with will laugh at your ridiculousness.

What did one shark say to the other while eating a clownfish?

This tastes funny.


What did the mother Buffalo say when her boy left for college?



I was cleaning my room with my socks

Telling a joke is definitely a strategy that will work for some people. However, this strategy can be an awful one if you are dealing with a person who does not have a good sense of humor, or if the situation at hand is too serious for humor. Use this method at your own risk and using your own judgment.

It’s always great if you can avoid awkward situations, but that usually just is not the case. You will have to deal with many situations you do not want to in your life and these are just a few methods you can use to help alleviate the situation. Different tactics may work better depending on the person you are dealing with and the subject matter being discussed that has brought the awkwardness about. It is up to you to decide what strategy to use and when to use it.

awkward11Where’s the whale? THERE’S THE WHALE!

One thing to remember and this is extremely important is to know your audience.  If you happen to find yourself at your granny’s church meeting, don’t start making jokes about old people or priests.  That will just compound the awkwardness by making everyone stare daggers through you.  The trick is, if you are going to find yourself in a situation where you have to bust out your humor utility belt; make sure you have jokes than can be adapted to any situation.  Make sure that it’s something that’s relatively inoffensive.

If you happen to find yourself at a funeral for example, it might be a good idea to not using humor altogether.  Especially if the person in the casket died suddenly or tragically, the other people may not want to hear somebody busting out their cleaned up version of what they heard on HBO last weekend.

awkward1So text that bitch

Sometimes you may walk into a situation that you feel is going to be terribly awkward and the people you feel that you are going to have to worry about wipe away the awkwardness with humor for you.  Several years ago, I had the unfortunate duty of attending the funeral of a good friend’s father.  He passed away after a long illness and I went into things thinking the wake was going to be the longest few hours of my life.

Much to my surprise, the widow knowing that everyone was going to feel terribly awkward requested that Weird Al Yankovich songs be played on the loudspeaker before the funeral.  In her way, she was trying to cheer everyone up and make everyone realize that we were celebrating a man’s life by playing his favorite songs and not awkwardly hovering over a body in a box.

5. Food

awkward8She’s hungry

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Now I know that it may seem completely odd that I’m including anything edible in this list, but you’re actually acting on a fairly safe bet if you confront an awkward situation with something that somebody can chew on and hopefully safely swallow.

Now why does food work well when it comes to defusing an awkward situation?  Well for starters everybody loves food.  People of all kinds and varieties look at food as a means of comfort on some level.  You ever see a really sad guy coming out a 7-11 with a tray of nachos?  Other than the fact that the best nachos he could find were from a 7-11; there’s really nothing sad about it at all.

Food works best in the awkward situation that normally surrounds when a friend or family member is extremely down in the dumps and you want to offer them some kind of advice but they aren’t giving you any opening.  You want to help desperately but they are just sitting there silently, fumbling around and wondering whether you should be calling for a helicopter to sweep you away from this awkward situation.

awkward6Are you hungry?

What food does is it first creates the arena for the person to open up to you.  You take somebody to a diner they have never been to before they are going to first feel more comfortable talking about whatever is making you feel so awkward by the fact that they are surrounded by strangers.  Less people that they know to judge them.

Second, it’s proven that eating something you particularly enjoy releases endorphins in the body, which in turn make a person less depressed if not happy for a spell.  If the person suddenly finds them in a slightly better mood because they found a good bowl of chicken noodle soup, they’re going to let slip what’s really bothering them so you can at least start figuring out what the hell is going on.

Food also helps tackle those first couple of days at a new office.  If you’re the new guy that’s taking up some beloved former employee’s cubicle, you’re going to get some stares from the other employees that are going to make you feel like you have a turd hanging out your mouth.

awkward4I am hungry!

That first week make sure to bring some cupcakes or donuts or something of that ilk.  People like sugar and tend to be nice to people that bring them sugar.  They’re not going to be as happy with you when they get their blood sugar tests back, but it will at least get you over the hump of getting into everybody’s good graces.


There’s plenty of ways to weave yourself around awkward situations.  It’s relatively easy to get around these terrible awkward situations if you just stick to some of these tried and true methods.

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