6 Signs Your First Date Was A Success – Part 1

6 Signs Your First Date Was A Success - Part 1

You’ve gone home, you’ve dropped her off at her place, and the all-important first date is officially over. All the time and effort that you have gone through in getting this woman to even allow herself to be seen in public with you has come to fruition. Chances are you may go a day or so until talking with her again if the two of you have busy schedules. You’ve been given subtle signs that this woman thought the date went well and wants to see more of you. Here are some signs that your first date was a success.

You Had A Lot In Common


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Having a great deal of common ground is definitely an early sign that things went well on your date. I could honestly be something as simple as the two of you happen to like the same brand of TV dinner, even if you are totally opposed on what the best one in the brand is. It could be your unreasonable obsession with B movies or something like that. Don’t look at me like you don’t have the Blu Ray of Plan 9!

You don’t have to have the exact same likes, but if you have enough interests that are similar to each other it can’t hurt. Friend of mine played football in college and while obviously the girl didn’t; she did have an uncle that played in the NFL for a couple of seasons so she could relate on a base level to some of what he was into.

Finding out that the two of you have a lot in common shows that you were both comfortable enough to open up and share what interests that you had. This can be challenging as all hell when meeting someone. After all, you don’t want the girl to think you’re a weirdo for liking something. You have no idea how she’s going to react to the fact that you like to build birdhouses in your spare time. Things go smoothly in this department, it’s a good sign that things went well.

You Had Her Attention


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If she was enjoying the date, you had her attention. How can you tell this? For starters, the world is filled with distractions. Say you take a girl out to dinner, the restaurant alone is filled with them. You’ve got the television in the corner if it’s one of those places, all the people running around, and her phone that is getting texts from her girlfriends every fifteen seconds asking how things are going.

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If the only time she looks at the phone for more than half of a second is when it seems that there is some genuine emergency, the date went well. The reason is intertwined with the reason why we bring our damn phones with us everywhere to begin with. We’re bored. We can’t stand to sit anywhere for more than two minutes anymore without feeling the urge if we’re bored to play Candy Crush, watch a movie, or start some text conversation with our friends.

If she got through the whole evening without picking up the phone, then that means that you weren’t engaging enough of a person that she decided you’re interesting enough that she didn’t need a computer the size of a deck of cards to keep her engaged.

By the way, one thing that guys seem to mistakenly think when trying to figure if they captured a girl’s attention is if they hear them yawn during the conversation. Don’t think that things were going south if you see her yawn in the middle of dinner. You guys are going out on a date in the evening and near the end of your respective days. Girl may just have had a long day at work.

Her Body Language


first date 3

A woman’s body language will speak volumes to you about her interest in the date as it progressed. Things to look for are how well she kept eye contact with you, leaning in when you speak to make sure she hears everything and her posture. If the girl is slouched over like she’s waiting for a bus you might want to call her a cab.

These are some basic body language signs. The rest of this is going to depend on the type of girl that you are taking out any the exact venue of the date. If you guys planned on going to some four star joint where the plate is twenty times bigger than the food on it, it stands to good reason that she probably went out of her way to look extra nice for the occasion.

If you decided to meet for a walk in the park or something of that nature, don’t be surprised if she showed up in a pair of jeans and isn’t exactly dressed to the nines. As long as she isn’t dressed to the damn zeroes, everything is cool. A girl will decide the right wardrobe for the occasion.

That being said, most of the things that you can learn about the date from the context of body language have a lot more to do with if it seems she changed her behavior than the behavior itself. If you took some rocker chick to a four star restaurant and she got all frilled up and whatnot, the date went well. If you notice any of the more obvious signs of body language that you’d have to be blind not to see, you probably would be right in thinking that your first date was a success.


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