6 Signs Your First Date Was A Success – Part 2

6 Signs Your First Date Was A Success - Part 2

It Went On Longer Than Expected


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If you want to really know whether your first date was a success or not, the best way is to look at how long it went on. Sure, she can have good body language or a million other signs; but the clock never lies.

When dinner ended, did the two of you call it a night? Or were you waiting for the check and she suggested something else for the two of you to go do? If you asked her if she wanted to go and do something else, what did she say? If she said yes than things went well.

Now, while the clock never lies that’s not to say that it doesn’t sometimes misrepresent the truth. There’s always exceptions to the rule. There’s always the chance that she had a really good time and wants to begin the second date ten seconds after the first one ended; but she legitimately had something important that she had to do. However, if that’s really the case she would have probably let you know in advance. If things seem like they went well and when you extend and offer to do something else; if she suddenly remembered that thing she had to go do the date didn’t go well from her perspective.

But if she looks at you and says that she can always reschedule what she had to do or has nothing to do altogether, it’s always a good sign. One time, I was out to dinner with this girl and it was starting to get a little late. I looked at her and said half-jokingly that if it wasn’t so late I would ask her to go laser bowling. Much to my surprise, she listed two different bowling alleys that were within ten minutes from where we were that had really great laser bowling. God, if you ever get a sign like that you know the date went well.

She Remembered The Little Things


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This next one falls slightly to the left of the previous point. Hopefully that two hours you planned for the date turns into five or six, hopefully longer. In a conversation of that length, nobody can be expected to remember every word that was said in a conversation.

It is no secret that one of the things that we try to do as guys is attempt to remember every little thing that the girl says in the hope that later on we can somehow find a way to naturally bring up some of this newly acquired info further along in the conversation. We do this to show the girl that we are not in fact just some clod that’s trying to get into her pants and that we are a really good listener.

If a girl does the same exact thing, things went well. This shows quite simply that she cares enough about you from the onset of the two of you knowing each other that she wants to soak up as much information about you right from the start.

Give you a real life scenario of how this worked with me. When I went on the first date with my current girlfriend, I was about ten minutes late due to my car getting inspected and the damned inspection running long. Anyway, I pick her up and begin apologizing profusely. We are about five minutes into our conversation at dinner and she tells me as a joke that she wants me to give her in detail, a three minute explanation about what happened with the car.

Being a good sport, I started telling this story about what happened with the car that day. Somewhere in the middle of this story, I made an embarrassing confession that when I was seventeen I ran over a speed limit sign on a rural road. Nothing was said about it the rest of the date.

Fast forward to about three hours later, we’re coming out of the theater and she asks me if I want to come over to her place. I say sure and as we’re getting in the car she looks at me and says, “Try not to run over any speed limit signs”. It was the smallest thing and she remembered it.

If your woman happens to remember something tiny like that, you can always say that the date went well.

The Postgame


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After the date is over, no matter how long it may have been; always pay close attention to what happens during the immediate post game period. Once you go through a truly exhilarating experience, once the adrenaline wears off; if you are sitting by yourself and thinking that you have to talk to this person as soon as possible then the date went well. Same holds true from the woman’s side of things. If you’re sitting at home watching TV and she sends you a text asking what you are doing right now, then she is subtly saying to you that she wishes the date would have continued on longer. If you get with a woman that maintains that kind of contact post-date, then everything went well.

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Not every date is going to go well. You’re not going to hit a home run every time. However, if you can spot some of the signals that I have laid out for you; it stands to reason that things went great.


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