Top 7 Ways To Win Over Her Parents – Part 1


Time to meet your girlfriend’s parents. Congratulations on making it this far! Here are seven tips to help you so that you don’t f*ck things up too badly. (You will probably find a way to mess things up regardless, but hopefully this list will lessen the chance of that… even just a little bit.)

1. Show You Care About Their Daughter

malecondom-show-him-you-careLOOK! This is how much I care!

Of course you don’t want to be overly affectionate with your girl in front of her parents. Not only is that awkward, but it’s in completely bad taste. (No tongue, you dirty dogs!) However, this does not mean that you have to act as though you and your girl are just buddies. Hold her hand when you go for a walk. Shoot her a smile across the dinner table.

People can tell when a couple is in love. You don’t have to tell them that you care; just show them. Don’t go overboard, but don’t hold back that you care for her. They’ll recognize it and appreciate it. Remember, the most important thing to the parents (hopefully) is that their daughter is ultimately happy.

One clever little trick that works well is for those of you that are in relationships where her mom and dad live in a town that requires you to pack at least a suitcase or two.  When women pack, they tend to pack everything that they think they are going to need.  Said items may be included but not limited to, all of her makeup, all of her little electric instruments that have to do with curling or drying her hair and generally every stitch of clothing she owns.


Hold hands like normal people; don’t hold hands like theses weirdoes

What you need to do in this scenario is when she goes to have to pack up the car or get things ready to go to the airport; take something out.  Don’t be a jackass and take out something that’s horrifically important.  Something small that for some reason she cannot live without.  When you get to the parents humble abode and she begins unpacking she is going to realize that she forgot something that she needed during the visit.

You already know what it is, so listen intently as she carries on about having forgotten something important.  When she finishes talking, kiss her on the forehead and tell her that you will take care of it.  Ask her mom if she knows where to get one(she probably will) and ask her for directions to wherever it is.  This will give you a chance to get in good with the mom on a one on one level.  Word will also trickle back down to her dad about how nice a guy you are for going out and looking for whatever it is their little girl needed.

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2. Show Interest, But Don’t Be Phony

MGChannelShow more interest than this

It seems like you’ve got to walk a fine line when it comes to a lot of things when you meet the parents.  You’ve got to play quite a few different parts and wear a few different hats.

One thing you definitely do want to do is show interest. Find some common interest and roll with it. It’s important that you don’t come off as phony though. Let’s say dad is a big football fan, but you don’t know jack about football. Don’t bullshit and pretend that you do. It’ll be obvious and you’ll look like an asshole. If you do know about football though, go with it.

football-danceReal men like football

There has got to be something you have in common with her folks. Find out what it is and have a genuine conversation about it. Using the football point again, if the dad starts a conversation about the sport; one good trick to use is to ask about some rule that you always found confusing.

Tell him that you heard some guys at work complaining about a blown pass interference call or something of the like.  Tell him you don’t exactly understand what constitutes breaking that rule.  People love to teach the uninitiated about their own hobbies and passions.  Before you know it you will be talking to him about something you enjoy and explaining to him the finer points of what you are into.  Just make sure it’s interesting!

3. Be Helpful

being-helpful1Be helpful at all times

Bingo! Opportunity to show you’re useful. Get your fat ass off the couch, get in the car, and go to the store and fetch a gallon of milk.  One good thing to do is carry a tiny notebook around with you and when somebody says something about needing the milk, start writing it down and be sure to ask if anything else is needed.  Chances are, people need more than milk when the milk runs out.

Farthest-squirting-milk-from-eye-600x346Get this fool some milk

 Take any chance you get to be helpful. After you eat dinner, put your plate in the sink. In fact, clear the whole table. The girl’s mom will say, “Oh, you don’t have to do that.” Say something like, “I don’t mind. If dinner’s delicious I’m always willing to clear the table.” If you can say something corny like that in a genuine way, parents will love it. (“Oh, he’s so nice. He cleared the table and he liked my dinner. What a catch.”)

Make sure to pay for it when you do go out on your little supply gathering excursion.  Nothing wins over the parents more than a guy that’s willing to help out and to pay to do it as well.

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