Top 7 Ways To Win Over Her Parents – Part 2


4. Change The Topic Of Conversation If Necessary

Being-Over-Smart-Isnt-Always-Helpful-Time to change the topic

Do not fall into the trap of talking about something that’s going to get you into trouble. Change the topic conversation immediately!

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Topics never to discuss when meeting a girl’s parents include (but are not limited to): past relationships, politics, and religion. (There are exceptions to this rule, but they are rare. One exception would be if you were dating a politician’s daughter; then you can talk about politics a little.)

pimping_chelseaChelsea Clinton? Yes? No? Maybe when drunk?

It’s definitely important to always follow this rule as breaking it can have serious repercussions. Just because your girl is a Democrat, it doesn’t mean her parents are. In fact, they might be conservative and you might be bringing up a topic that no one wants to talk about without meaning to. Keep things light and always be willing to change what you are talking about to a more casual topic if things get too heavy.

Parents, especially dads, look at any challenge of any of their beliefs as an indictment on their way of life.  You start talking about how their favorite politician made some terrible moves recently, that’s the quickest way to get mom and dad looking at you funny.  They are going to find out eventually enough that you and them don’t share the same beliefs on everything, so for the time being just nod your head and smile.  Don’t get into a big argument them because there are just too many landmines for you to ever win fairly even if you’re right.

5. Ask Your Girlfriend For Tips In Advance

funny-woman-self-defense-techniqueWomen are great with advice

If you think too much about meeting a girl’s parents, you risk getting nervous. It’s okay if you’re a little nervous if you can pull of the nervous-endearing thing. If that’s the case, her parents will just think, “He’s nervous because he cares so much about our little (insert girl’s name) and he wants to impress us.” You have to be careful though because you don’t want to seem like a pussy.  Because if you come off as too nervous, the folks are going to start thinking that there is something up with you.  Which there probably is but you don’t want them thinking that.

Anyways, keeping this in mind, it’s important to ask your girlfriend for tips in advance. Maybe dad really hates when anyone brings up the fact that he’s seven feet tall. Maybe he has an entire room devoted to a knife collection. These are all things that would be useful to know in advance.  Like if he’s a gun nut and keeps a revolver behind the cereal bowls in the kitchen.  That way you don’t get the shock of your life at seven in the morning when all you were trying to do is make yourself at home.

old-man-knife1Your girlfriend’s dad—a kindly old man with knives

Do not forget: Your girlfriend wants you to make a good impression on her parents. In all likelihood, she has talked you up (and possibly made you even seem better than you really are). She definitely wants you to look good, so just ask her for help and she will be happy to offer it.

A quick briefing before the meeting with mom and dad will do no harm.  One good rule to follow with anything your woman tells you about her parents is to slightly modify the old don’t speak unless spoken to rule.  If you’re lady friend’s dad is into decorative birdhouses, don’t make the first thing you say to him about the damned birdhouses.  Let dad get around to showing you the birdhouses, that way he’ll get the pleasure of showing you something he thinks you may not have known about before.

6. A Gift?

gift1Make sure you give her parents a gift they can actually enjoy and use

This one is really circumstantial, but you might want to consider either bringing something or sending a gift after your visit.

Going over for dinner? Bring something for dessert. Staying for the weekend at Mom and Dad’s house (good luck)? Send an Edible Arrangement as a ‘Thank You’ after your visit.

old-man-eatingOld people love Edible Arrangements.

Bringing something/sending a gift is another thing to ask your girlfriend about, as she’s probably the best judge of how it’ll go over with her parents. Be careful with this one as to some families this may make you seem over-eager or simply weird.  Make sure it’s something small, but not something that would be insulting.  A good idea is to have the gift relate to something they said they enjoy.  For example, if dad is into them birdhouses I kept talking about earlier; a gift card to his local hardware store will be welcome surprise and show that you weren’t just nodding your head and smiling the whole time.

7. Don’t Be A Dick


Don’t do this

Remember not to be an asshole. These are your girlfriend’s parents after all. This, of course, is the most important rule to follow.

So, dear reader, keep these seven rules in mind when you meet the folks. Things will likely go wrong to an extent anyway, as they always seem to do in such circumstances, but at least you will be able to minimize the damage.

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