Alyson Hannigan

Though you may know this babe merely as the band camp girl from the American Pie series, Alyson Hannigan actually has quite the impressive list of professional accomplishments. First appearing in TV commercials at the age of four, she became bit by the acting bug and in 1997 landed her first of many iconic roles as Willow on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

It was the first American Pie film in 1999 that raised awareness of her babe level to countless men around the world. Everyone knew an outwardly meek, perhaps completely geeky girl in their life that they were completely for certain was capable of inexplicably kinky stuff in the bedroom.

However, Alyson is quite the opposite (that we know of) of her iconic character from the Pie films. Married since 2003 with two children to fellow Buffy alum Alexis Desinoff, I wouldn’t expect her to call anybody up at three in the morning to go drinking on the side of a mountain or stick any flutes anywhere.

One guy that sadly did not realize this information against New Hampshire man John Hobbs. In February of 2013 Alyson was granted a temporary restraining order against Hobbs after he began to send the actress threatening and obsessive messages via the internet. Not realizing that she did not want to finger his flute, the messages kept coming stating that he wished to meet and possibly kill her.

Like the most of us, he’ll have to stick to watching her on the hit CBS show How I Met Your Mother. That restraining order has been extended to an additional four years as of March of last year.

There’s no real scandals to speak of, as she is quite the happily married individual and is probably too tired at the end of the day in between shooting a TV show and raising two children that she probably too damn tired to get on the front page of TMZ.

This certainly does not take away from her overall status as a babe. She seems to be one of those people that seems to get better looking as time goes on.

Scandal Rating: Very Low. The only thing that could remotely be construed as a scandal as that a fake report of her appearing in a sex tape surfaced. This was later quickly debunked and proven that it was actually lookalike Luna Lane.

Likeability Rating: Very High. Unless she’s personally starving children in a third world country, there has been nothing on the radar to indicate that she isn’t someone you would want to bring home to mom and dad.

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Hotness Rating: High. Although they doesn’t have the features typical of your garden variety Hollywood female, she has a very natural attraction that makes you think that somewhere there is a covered up picture of her getting older.

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